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Thread: Short Online Survey Regarding Dog Welfare and Kennel Facilities

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    Default Short Online Survey Regarding Dog Welfare and Kennel Facilities


    My name is Mia Cobb and I am conducting an online survey as part of my PhD research at Monash University in Australia.

    I am looking for people aged 18 and over who will complete a short and anonymous online questionnaire. The questionnaire takes around 10 minutes to complete and asks questions about your attitudes towards the welfare of dogs and kennel facilities, as well as a few general questions about yourself.

    The questionnaire is not restricted to Australian participants and you do not need to have had any direct experience with a kennel facility to take part.

    Public opinion is often a driving force in the provision of care for animals housed in captivity. Therefore, a survey is important to accurately establish the views of the general public as well as dog trainers and primary care givers (such as kennel attendant staff) who are generally directly responsible for decisions regarding the care provided to dogs housed in kennel facilities.

    Please follow this link to read the ‘Participant Information Explanatory Statement’ in full and to commence the survey.

    Please forward this invitation to any colleagues, friends, family or other contacts who may also be interested in participating.

    Thank you for your time,

    Mia Cobb

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    Some of the questions - I thought the answer depends on the dog, ie the needs of a lapsoo are different to a dalmation are different to a farm dog.

    Some of the questions - I thought it would be nice the dog had daily access to a sand pit for example but didn't need to have it all the time.

    And some of the agree/disagree questions - wtf
    ie dogs in kennels are not as well looked after as pet dogs at home - um. Depends on the kennel and the home. I suspect my home is better than most kennels but I've seen some homes I think are worse than most (publicly available) kennels.

    A lot of the answers - I'd have like to put "depends on the kennel", "depends on the dog".

    Enrichment activities is a bit of a biased term ie who wouldn't want to be "enriched"? Are the activities listed "enriching" to a dog - well that depends on the dog. Some are traumatised by some of the activities listed.

    I've never heard of classical music helping dogs in kennels. I've heard of radio with people's voices helping but classical music - and there is classical pleasant to listen to and classical - traumatic. I think some dogs would not like the climax to the 1812 overture (cannon fire).

    I've got no idea about the lavender or whether enrichment activities affect training. I deliberately try for enviroments where there are distractions when training now - because that's how you teach a puppy to ignore the distractions when you ask it to.

    Does anybody know of any real research about enrichment, lavender, classical music and dog training?

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    Default re: lavender, music, etc

    Hi Hyacinth,

    thanks so much for completing the survey and thank you for your comments.

    It's true that there's not a 'one size fits all' response to a lot of these questions and statements, but the survey is designed to capture general community attitudes and there has indeed been scientific research conducted into the areas referred to in the survey.

    I don't wish to post the article/s here (as I don't want to bias other people's responses to the survey) but I would be happy to email it to you directly.

    Please contact me on

    Very best regards,

    Mia Cobb

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    hope the articles were of interest!

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    Did you send me some - cos they didn't arrive.

    I guess I need to check my spam filter now - thought it's supposed to automatically allow email back from people I send some to. Weird.

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    Done !!

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    Hyacinth: AH - could be because I replied from my work email address (my uni email forwards to me there during the week).

    I sent 4 (or was it 5) PDF's for you - let me know if they don't turn up and I'll resend.

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    thanks mitte!

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