Eight-year-old Scooby - a deaf Cavalier King Charles spaniel - has been stuck since chasing a small animal into the cave on a property in Sweetmans Creek, in the Hunter Valley.

His owner, six-year-old Jack Newton, thought his beloved pet was dead because he could not hear his loyal friend barking.

But whimpering was heard on Tuesday from under 100 tonnes of rock and a special RSPCA team was brought in, along with firefighters in a bid to rescue Scooby.

Using state-of-the-art cameras they found the dog trapped about 6m behind a cave wall.

The team were frantically trying to find ways of getting him out, even offering bits of chicken. Rescuers yesterday began digging through tonnes of rock using mini jackhammers but RSPCA Inspector Slade Macklin said it was a "difficult" operation due to fears the rock walls would collapse.

Scooby Doo, we're coming for you | The Daily Telegraph

I hope they get him!
Poor pup.