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Thread: Do You Know What Kind of Dog This Is?

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    Default Do You Know What Kind of Dog This Is?

    Hi, I hope someone can help me - do you know what kind of dog this is? I very much want to find a breeder (in Australia/Melbourne) that breeds these, but I just do not know the name of the breed.

    This pic is unashamedly stolen/scanned from a book (hence the funny marks on his head), but the book makes no mention of what type of dog it is.

    Please, any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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    I am guessing a Jack Russell terrier puppy.

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    I'm guessing the same as PS..... Jack Russell puppy or Tenterfield terrier puppy, what ever it is its so darn cute

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    Just a guess a Parson russell terrier?

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    Yeah "Parson Russell terrier" is the correct name for them.....formally Jack Russell terrier....but same breed!

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    VERY high energy. Cute, lovely, but phew...make sure you hsve your running shoes on! lol
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    Parson Jack Russell and Jack Russell are two different breeds.

    This link has a good description and image of the two breeds:

    Differences between Parson Jack Russells and Jack Russell Terriers - Jack Russell Terrier UK

    Parsons have longer straight legs. This pup looks like a rough coated Jack Russell Terrier - ie. will grow to have short legs.

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    Wow so many responses. Thank you all.

    I've looked up pictures of Parson Jack Russells and Jack Russell Terriers, and while the face/head does indeed look like Parsons, I think Nattylou might be on to something as the dog in my mind has very short legs, even when fully grown.

    Could (and I have no idea what I'm talking about really) this picture be a Jack Russell Terrier crossed with Chihuahua??

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    I say Parsons.
    Theres wire haired JRTs and smooth, Roly is a smooth, but I still cant see as much resemblence as the Parsons.
    Im the best at photos and comparing
    The ears are still doing my head in though.


    Jack Russell

    Excuse Roly's hideous collar and long nails.
    Oh and his funny tooth
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paw-Sha View Post
    Yeah "Parson Russell terrier" is the correct name for them.....formally Jack Russell terrier....but same breed!
    Parson and Jack are still different breeds
    Parson has longer legs and is taller than Jack.

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