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Thread: Amstaff or Pitbull?

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    Hey guys

    As already said,it really quite hard to determin what he is without papered proof.Having said that though,of course it is possible to reliabley id a Pit ( rangers do it all the time ) but in all serious of course it is.
    OK,rephrase,to most bully people and just good ole fashioned common sensed ,intelligent dog people are able to correctly say whether a dog is Bull or not.
    Fighting an unjust law by stating you cant id a Pit Bull is not going to save your dog sadly.

    The problem we have here now is that any unpaperd Amstaff is immediately classified a Pit. And they are correct in doing so. They are the same dog afterall.

    Going by your pics ( would love to see more he's certainly a cute one) he does look more Amstaff. And see then puritans will say but you just said that they are the same dog...well yes sir,so I did.
    But as in every breed there are differing strains/types.
    Your fella looks to me to be more show dog than game dog for want of a better way of putting it.

    But at the end of the day,if he has no registered breeder papers stating he is an Amstaff,then yes,he is a Pit.
    This also does not need to be an instant death sentence. Just raise a happy,well socialised,well trained dog,be a responsible and aware owner and you should have no need to ever bother of the word Ranger.

    Enjoy your boy,smile sweetly at those that call him whatever and walk away the wiser

    You have a lovely Amstaff there
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    to the forum!

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    If the ppl you got him from are not registered breeders and your pup does not have pedigree reg papers then he is NOT an AST...

    He is a pitbull. ( pitbull being just about anything bully related in this country)

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    Hi mate, thank your for the information on my pup. You asked for more photos but im not sure how to post more, so here is a video i made of him playing.

    YouTube - Attila the American Staffordshire Terrier

    I called the video AMSTAFF purely because i am afraid of my pup being taken from me because of lack of papers. I do have him registered with the council as an amstaff.

    Thanks again.

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    Hi there and welcome aboard to you and Attila.
    You have one heck of a beautiful boy there (regardless of his origins) - you've been given very good advice about breeds etc here so I won't go into that. I loved the Video - he is just having a ball isn't he .. awesome playtime!
    Can't wait to see more pics of the lil man to drool over!
    Cheers and best wishes,
    SH, Lola n Zep

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    Hi and welcome.

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    I don't care what he is, he is just gorgeous! Very strong for his age!! He is going to be a big boy by the looks of it!

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    He is a handsome boy
    The best things in life, aren't things

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selections88 View Post
    I called the video AMSTAFF purely because i am afraid of my pup being taken from me because of lack of papers. I do have him registered with the council as an amstaff.

    Thanks again.
    Hi your video link isnt working for me, thats probably an issue my end happens all the time with me and links...
    Still i must say it really upsets me when ppl reg their cross bred dogs or Pit bulls as Amstaffs with their council * not sure how u got away with that anyway as most councils ask to see proof of parentage b4 they will register an Amstaff* .....If that dog ever does anything wrong it will be my breed that is incorrectly and unjustly blamed now u imagine for a moment how many ppl do exactly what you have done....that equals a lot of miss representation and could easily be the end of my breed in years to come!
    You should have registered him as an amstaff cross in my opinion.

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