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    Okay, so I own a nearly 9 year old Australian Terrier, We used to be on approx 1/4 of an acre. He had plenty of room ro run around and lots of toys & he gets walked every day ... Plus we have another dog that he plays with. Every since he was about 2 he has been a bad HOODINI, I mean he fits through things i can barely get my hand through, Or under gates that have about a 30cm gap! He Climbs and then Jumps Fences, He breaks or pulls anything we have put up to stop him getting out off and then Gets out!

    It has been going on for ages, once he knows where he can get out he does!

    We moved house about 5 months ago to something that had a smaller backyard He still gets his walks and still has his toys.
    But last night as i sat watching tv My mum walked in with what looked like an oversized hairy toddler. Before I realised it was B.J. We looked every where to find where he had gotten out. There is the side part of our backyard that has a small lane way, we have closed the gate so the dogs cant get in there as B.J has already pulled the wooden latese off so he can get into the front yard!! He still has the rest of the backyar which is fairly big.

    So we figured out he had squeezed himself through the 20cm gaps in the gates and straight through the other gate into the front yard... This happened Twice!!!

    It has become ridiculous how much he escapes... He gets 30 -60 minutes of walking a day and plenty of excerices. We are always out there with him . But he still finds a way to get out.

    If anyone has the same situation or knows any ideas to help it would be greatly appreciated.

    I added a picture of B.J to show you he isnt the largest dog but he is small enough to fit through things he fits through and also a picture of one of the gaps he would fit through!

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    Hi Kait09

    For the gap under the gate, 30cm is a foot - my 11 month old puppy cattle dog could get through that. In fact she can get through a 20cm gap too. You need to measure across B.J's skull, when he's wet (bath time) - because that's about the size gap he can get through - if the head fits through the rest of him will, I'm guessing 5cm to 10cm would be more than enough. Clearly he likes exploring so not sure how you make places to explore in the back yard. You would have to find something new and complicated and dog interestingly smelly every day. I'm thinking a dog proof cage with pet rats in it would be what you needed. Wouldn't be much fun for the pet rats though.

    So to block the hole under the gate, either attach a plank to reduce the size of the gap to about 2.5 cm or a couple of finger widths (not lengths), or attach some more tin (and cover any sharp edges at the bottom), or chicken wire with a heavy metal pole wired across the bottom of it (not as good as something imoveable). As a temporary measure that might endanger any visitors not paying attention - put besa blocks across the gap at the bottom. They are bigger and heavier than bricks so should discourage attempts at moving them. Or milk crates filled with bricks might work. Or buckets of water (depending on how much he likes getting wet). Water is heavy and will dish out its own punishment for dogs who like to stay dry.

    Where a dog gets under a fence - often chicken wire works. You attach the chicken wire about 30cm above the bottom of the fence, ie to the bottom rail, and then bury the other end of it where it meets the ground, about 15cm deep and out about 50cm or the rest of the width of the wire. So you make a kind of L out of the wire along the fence and under the ground, and when the dog digs at the bottom of the fence it hits the wire, and very few dogs are smart enough to back up more than their body length to get under the wire at the other end which is away from the fence and not near their goal of under the fence.

    If he is pulling lattice off the fence, you need to attach it better - though lattice itself is not really up to the job of being pulled and chewed at by a houdini dog. I'd suggest getting proper fencing wire, and looping it around the lattice and whatever it is attached to so that at least two bits of the lattice are secured, again finding another bit of plank and re-inforcing the lattice with that, and make sure the attachments are extra heavy duty ie won't come undone with a hound pulling at them. big screws (like roofing screws) or bolts and washers are better than nails which come out too easily.

    If you live in Queensland - you could investigate getting an "invisible fence". These involve a collar capable of zapping the dog with lemon spray (not so good) or electricity (works) when the dog gets too close to a line of receiver/transmitters ie the fence "knows" when the dog is approaching, and makes a warning signal in the collar at say 1.5m and a zap at 1m. You do have to supervise and train your dog at first and then eventually the collar and system is not required at all except for the occasional relapse. Some people say electric training collars and invisible fences are cruel but I think when they are used properly and not abused, they are better than the dog being bitten by a snake or escaping and being hit by a car.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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