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Thread: Chasing After a Stray..

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    Unhappy Chasing After a Stray..

    Hey guys!
    Thought I'd share todays adventure with you

    I was on my way to get a bulk supply of dry food for the dogs. Main road, peak hour traffic, I spot a dog in the middle of the road, on the other side .
    Poor pooch was terrified! No one stopped.
    I decided to keep driving till I could do a u-turn. By then the dog was nowhere to be seen...
    The whole time I was brainstorming for ideas of what to do next. Some of them were; get him in the car and take him to the Animal Welfare L. Get him on a lead and hold him till the council came, get him on the lead and door knock.... Only problem, I had my dogs in the car with me. I decided to go to the nearest shop and ask which council the area belonged to. The lady was a help and looked the phone number up for me. Also informed me that the dog has been seen on the road since the morning
    I called the council and they said that they'd come straight away. decided to hang around and try to find this little guy again. Drove around for ages, all the side streets back to the main road, and spotted him in one of the streets. Parked my car and followed him around. I had a spare leash in the car, took that with me. Got close to him but he was terrified. I could only get about 5 meters from him and then he'd bolt. Instead of trying to get closer and risking him going on the main road again I decided to follow him around and stay on the phone with the council so they knew exactly where to come. It took just over an hour for the council to come. In the end I saw the dog go into someones yard and not come back. I went to have a better look and he was gone. A lady came out of the house, I must have looked a bit strange just standing there in disbelief. I asked her if she'd seen a white Staffordshire x running around and she played all dumb. By then I knew she had the dog. I explained myself again and told her the story and she said 'oh, i've got it inside'. 'It's my friends and I'm looking after it'. I told her how lucky she was to see that dog again as It had spent the day running in between cars on the main road. All she said was 'cheers! yeah my friend has high fences'. As I was walking back to the car I saw a council ute and the guy asked me if I was the one he'd been talking to. I told him the story and gave him the house number and as I was driving off he was having a chat with the lady. I was soooooat the womans attitude. Like it was no big deal. But really, I now doubt that she even knew the dog. He looked like a dog that had been on the streets for a while. Skinny, scared, dirty. I'm just glad I got him off that road.
    Some people!

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    aww Mags what a lovely thing you did, chasing the dog around & trying to save him from danger, you did your best to help him, the poor dog hope the ranger can find he's rightful owner or get him vet help / care.... & as for that lady whom claimed to be minding him, well she sure sounds like an ungrateful bitch with no thought for the dogs welfare ppl like her make me angry too

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    Thanks AF
    I agree

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    awww, lets hope the little guy is home safe and sound. There should be more people like you around! Can't believe that the lady said that the dog was around since the morning and no one did anything

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    Thanks Hippo. That's very kind, I left feeling soooo frustrated

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    Good on you!!

    Its so terrible to see dogs wandering the street, my heart aches for them and in the town I live in, you see it far too often. Some people here even leave their gates open and their dogs wander in and out, which is a nightmare because they usually try and dominate my two when we are out walking and its irritating, however its not their fault.

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