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Thread: My Labrador Eats Dog Poo!...

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    Well Jackson (the poo eater) is only 11 months old, and while he is a labrador, he is not the smartest dog. I think he eats it just because it's there? It can't possibly be because he is hungry. If anything, I probably feed him TOO much (I know that is a bad thing too )

    I'll try the pineapple thing, but if all else fails, I will just have to pick it up more often! lol

    Keira is a good girl...she doesn't eat poop lol

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    Labradors are pretty reknown for being complete garbage guts when it comes to anything vaguely edible (by their definition). I've heard of Labrador exceptions but never met any. I think this is why Labs can be very easy to train - food motivated, as long as you have food, they will do anything for you.

    I wonder if you could use this to train him to not eat the poop. Ie save up one nice dried one, and when he approaches it, call him away ("leave it") and reward him with something nicer. Repeat. Try for 20 repeats but if he's understanding the requirement after 3 repeats or so, or loses interest sooner than 20 repeats, then remove the temptation, and do the exercise again the next day or twice a day for a week or so...

    But picking them up more often seems like a better idea.

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    this was interesting to me.. Millie eats it too. i am saying NO! quite firmly, but i am also feeding her a little more, maybe she's just hungry. (she's on pills for a rash, vet warned me she would be hungrier) she has no interest in her own, but for the first few days here i couldn't understand why there was no poo in the cat litter tray.

    i will try her with pumpkin too.

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