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Thread: How Can They Call This a Dog Attack?

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    Quote Originally Posted by four socks View Post
    IMO, All because it's a bull breed... I wonder if it was a little white fluffy would that be different....
    Sorry to anyone that has a little white fluffy
    I have one of those fluffy things. No offense taken but I know what you mean. Sometimes people look at the breed first and the poor thing is then condemned.
    The more people I meet, the more I like my dogs.

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    That's ridiculous. Even if a dog does attacks a persons "hand" I wouldn't put it down. It's only protecting it's ownder house.
    Ask a Border Collie to jump and it'd say, "how high?", ask a Kelpie and he'll ask, "why?"

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    ANyone notice the quote, "it's the law of the land that any animal that attacks a human must die." I dunno bout you guys, but if my dog attacked someone, I would not kill it, my dog is like a child to me. You don't kill a love like that, just for attacking someone. Maybe if it killed someone. But not for a nip on the hand. If a dog wants to harm someone, why would it go for the hands? especially a young 4 year old, where it's neck, head and other vital points are easy to get to, why would it go for the hand? Poor pup was playing. 8(
    Ask a Border Collie to jump and it'd say, "how high?", ask a Kelpie and he'll ask, "why?"

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    Default Attack

    Just shows how little some know about dogs. Tony

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