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    I have a beautiful 6.5 year old lab who has just been diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia. I only noticed this recently...she stopped coming up the stairs and spent a lot of time laying down. She is fairly active and runs around and jumps on anyone who is around her so the diagnosis came as a shock.

    I am not prepared for a number of reasons to put her through she is currently on previcox, green lipped mussells and i am getting her started on some injections.

    she weighs 31 kgs and the vet said she needs to be "skin and bone" and get to about 28kgs.

    I so wish she could talk to tell me how she feels...and what she wants. I am afraid of letting her be too active because obvioulsy this will hurt her but she doesn't seem to have any restriction apart from stairs. I actually saw her leg give away last night when she tried to go up the stairs.

    I thought dogs with his dysplasia woudl not be jumping and runing around so freely. Does nayone else have a dog with HD which is still active despite teh radiological findings?

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    Hi bellaboo,

    have they told you what grade of HD your dog has?

    I have posted some links already on this forum about HD, but here it is again:

    E - excellent
    G - good
    F - fair
    B - borderline
    M - mild
    Mod - moderate
    S - severe

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    My dog has quite mild dysplasia and so far I haven't noticed any problems with him being less active. Actually he is very hyperactive. Some dogs do not really show any signs of pain until it gets unbearable, some on the other side have only mild HD and are showing they are in pain.

    I give my dog supplements but should it get any worse in the future I'd definetely consider surgery.

    What your vet suggested about her weight is correct. Dogs with HD are better off being on skinny, lean side then having a lot of body mass. Also, you should restrict her activities in terms of not letting her climb stairs or running up/down hill, fetch balls etc. Walking is good and swimming as well helps heaps. Just ask your vet for how long her walks/swim should be. She has to maintain her muscles in order to be able to carry herself, so she needs to be active only in right way
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    If she is only 6.5 and he has deteriorated to this point, I'd be trying surgery. It may be her only chance to be able to remain mobile and pain free.
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    The vet did not mention any numbers that I can identify when looking at the table yuo provided. He went through each of the xrays to say what he thought the issues were but there was no report and when i went to tak ethem with me he said they have to keep the reports. the vet i spoke to was teh orthopaedic surgeon. He said he woudl not recommend surgery tright now..conservative stuff like I am dping and in teh future maybe darthroplasty (her issue is no lip on the socket). Not much arthritis right now...given her hyperactivity and inability to stay still and general personality he did not recommend a full hip replaceemnt- she would not tolerate the recovery period well and risk of failure.

    the left has hip dysplasia but not significant..the right is worse because he said something lik eonly 20% of the ball was in the socket....he also said sometimes the radiological findngs do not correlate with the dog's activity and behaviour (physical examination she was fine..not whining or yelping when checking her legs) ..i will get some weight off her and keep up the antiinflammatories

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