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Thread: Dog Registration

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    QLD's not the greediest place, its just many local governments can be

    Theres a few that so long as the dogs desexed and microchipped its free registration, cooloola council for example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie Floyd View Post
    ohhh house inspections, i did'nt know that happens in QLD, is it state wide or just certain council regions???
    I'm in the Redlands city's just outside of brisbane and they are quite strict with keeping up the rego and dog laws in general as we have lots of Koalas in the area. So many koalas are attacked by dogs..ppl on acerage have to have their dogs locked up at night etc.

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    My council charges (yearly);
    $45 - for each dog
    $29 - for each desexed dog
    further discounts for microchipped, trained dogs, working dogs and greyhounds.
    Pensioners get 50% off all reg. fees.

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    Ballarat council charges $16.00 for a desexed and microchiped dog. That is what I paid for my two.

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    Life time registration, each dog
    Desexed- $40
    Not desexed- $150
    Pensioner- 1/2 price

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    Dog rego

    Now is the time to register or renew your dog’s registration to avoid a $200 fine.

    Register your dog online with myServices or at the Capalaba or Cleveland Customer Service Counters, where you can also obtain a free copy of the inspection program.
    You can also download the application form, fill in the details and mail it to Redland City Council PO Box 21 Cleveland Qld 4163.

    Registration costs $46.20 for a dog aged three to six months and $90.30 for a dog over six months old.

    Registration is renewable every 12 Months.

    If you have desexed your dog, you are eligible for a discount. Read more about desexing your pet >>

    If you already have a registered dog, you can renew the licence through myServices online payment system.
    Once you are logged in, details of your dog will appear on your start-up screen under myAnimals header.
    Please note that the dog must be in your name (as the keeper) for this to occur.
    Only one person's name can appear as dog owner.

    Cat registration fees

    All cats registered by 31 December 2009 No charge

    Desexed cats registered between 1 January 2010 – 30 June 2010 $15.00

    Entire cats registered between 1 January 2010 – 30 June 2010 $30.00
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