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Thread: When You Cant Go Walkies!!

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    Default When You Cant Go Walkies!!

    heres a question for all of you guys. when its raining out, and you really dont wanna go for a walk. how do you keep those four legged pooches from going .... nutty :P. especially those high energy ones???

    i usually play hide and seek with me or treats. my husky goes crazy if she cant find me. shes just like i can hear you but i cant see you hahaha

    so what do you guys do???
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    Hi Kaz Tarja

    Today I dreamed of being allowed to take my puppy-dog to one of the big sheds at our show grounds and exercise her in there. I really should make friends with someone who has an indoor dressage arena - perfect. Well maybe where dogs haven't been banned from horse places.

    At the moment, I just let her onto the front verandah and she can see for herself the weather is horrible. Sometimes she will stay out for a bit and get all wet and sometimes she agrees with me and comes straight back in.

    And then, this is probably very naughty - we play tug of war inside or wrestle a bit but she's not allowed to jump on me or bite/mouth me which is not fair given the way she prefers to wrestle other dogs.

    I think I may have to get her a rain coat instead so I can walk her in the rain anyway. Otherwise being part farm dog - she does go nutty. And morning classes for dog school were cancelled today. We did get a decent walk in the park though as it didn't rain when our class should have been on. Not that any more than five of us out of the usual fifty showed up.

    I don't like when the wind is blowing the trees to pieces though.

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    I have Sheppies, so this (for me anyway) means I get up first thing in the morning, dress appropriately, get them to my off lead park & let them run & run & run ..... so long as I'm warm & dry, I get out there with my girls every day.

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    Kaz, it is very difficult to keep them indoors when they are full of energy.. Almost always, I check the weather bureau and make sure I have taken her for at least an hour's exercise at the park before the rain comes. Sometimes we are caught in the rain but luckily towards the end. If it rains in the afternoon and we cannot go out, then too bad.. she misses out on her outing! Instead, we play indoors with a tennis ball. I have a long hall way and I roll the ball (like at a bowling alley) and she runs to fetch it.. Only problem is that she never tires!!! I can be doing this all night and she will still go fetch! Hope this helps. I hardly ever take Mimi for a walk. It is not enough exercise for her as she has a lot of energy and needs to run free. Ruffee Lake in Doncaster is the best place for her to be where she gets all of her needs at once... smells, runs, plays with other dogs, says hello to the people, swims, chases the ducks, etc.. It is hers and our favourite spot.. we too get a great deal of exercise when we take her there.

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