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Thread: Blue Heeler That Chases His Tail

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    Default Blue Heeler That Chases His Tail

    Our blue heeler is 8 months old. His name is Rex. Once he gets excited he repeatedly chases his tail. At times he nearly knocks himself out. He especially does it when he is on the ute. We try and ingore him, never laughing or making a fuss over it. We have tried to tie him up on a shorter lead but he gets tangled and we have to constantly stop.
    He gets excersise and plenty of jobs to do.
    He also chases shadows.
    Can anyone think how to tackle this problem

    We are hoping he will grow out of it.......

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    I have a Cattle Dog, he used to chase his tail when he was a pup, but he will be 3 this December and he has grown out of it
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    Perhaps you could try triggering the behaviour while not driving and hold onto his collar so that he cannot chase his tail. When he stops let him go, if he does it again grab his collar and repeat. Dont speak to him or anything.
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    Thanks for the advice, we have gently taped his tail with masking tape to his leg while driving, it seems to stop him from doing it, sort of anyway

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