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    Ok guys i have a big problem and i need it sorted out soon otherwise im going to have to get rid of mydogs :'(. I have 2 dogs about two years old, Barney who is a pure breed cattle dog and Rusty who is a red cattle cross boxer, they are both male dogs. They have grown up together and have always get on but they started jumping the fence together so i had to put themon chains seperated. Now when i go out the back they go syko at eachother trying to bite eachother and if one of them gets off the chain and i walk outside they will try and kill eachother :-( how do i make them be friends again and also stop them from jumping the fence please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help me i love my doggies.

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    If you're not planning to breed from your boys, the kindest thing would be to get them de-sexed.

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    Yeah, nueturing would probly help erase their need to go walk about too.
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