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Thread: I Need Help with My 2 Dogs Asap!!!

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    Unhappy I Need Help with My 2 Dogs Asap!!!

    Hi all,

    I have 2 lovely dogs. both Males and both 1 yr old. One is a jack russel X and the other one is a border collie cross.

    The Jack russel sleeps in the sun room.
    While the big dog sleeps in the lounge room.

    The jack russel lately has been pooping in there during the night knowing we take him to the toilet before he goes to bed. and are wanting to know what we can put on the floor to stop it.

    We cant have both dogs in the same room of a night as they will play fight all night and keep us up.

    Also during the day the 2 dogs play fight all day but they bark and get really loud. and im wanting to know what i can do to start quiting that down also try and get them out of the habit of doing that to each other.

    we cant leave them out side as the lady over the fence has already tried to kill of the border collie with rat bait in some meat. so we cant leave them out there due to that. so we have to go out side with them when they are out there...

    Also they bark at the front door when df is walking through it and it wakes up our dd. he could be coming home from the shop at 10.30 grabbing something and they will bark how can we stop that also.

    My partner has had enough and wants to get rid of the jack russel but i dont want him to go so thats why im trying to get him to improve so he doesnt go.. has anyone got any ideas. they are both house and toilet trained.

    Sorry for it being really long but if i didnt do it long you prob wouldnt have been able to understand.

    thank you

    Im just posting on this thread is because my partner wants him gone cause he has started to have enough. but i cant even think about letting him go as i love him way to much. So i just need some advice to get him to start improving. As i believe he is only going to get treated will in our house. ( Im a big dog lover)

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    Hi mummy2lilly

    From your post - you have a lot of problems.

    A border collie needs a lot of exercise - ideally an hour a day or more split into a morning and evening session, running free in a paddock or on a football oval sized space, chasing a ball or other dogs or sheep (with permission). Keeping one locked in a house all day and all night, is asking for loads of trouble. One lap around the block on lead is not enough. If this df's favourite dog, get him to put more effort in.

    I can't tell from your post if the Jack Russell is pooping in his bedroom or the other dog's bedroom.
    A few options here -
    1. Only feed the dog in the morning - so hopefully there is no poop left by night time, or feed no later than 4 hours before bed time.

    2. When you take the dog outside for the nightly poop session - don't let him back in until he has performed. Might be a cold long wait but it will be worth it. Have lots of praise and a special word for doing a poop. I'm thinking given the behaivour of your neighbour - her name might be a good word. I used to like "Keating" but I tend to use "Schitnapiss" now because it's the first thing that comes into my head when I'm cold and I want to go to bed myself. A friend uses "GoBeQuick", but I use those words for other things so no good for me. Some people whistle specific tunes.

    If all your dog does when you take it out for poop session is play with the other dog - take them out separately. Nobody gets back in until performed as required.

    3. Put newspaper down where he poops. Or you can buy a version of a flat nappy for puppy spills. I got some from the local $2 shop pet section. When you clean up do not use bleach (amonia based) or vinegar because this encourages repeat deposits - ie it smells like scent marker to the dog. I use hot soapy water and finish with methylated spirits. If you can find something called "Febreeze" or what ever it's called now - this was recommended by my vet for cleaning up and not leaving a "scent marker".

    4. Take the dog(s) for a nice walk before bedtime but after dinner (about 30 minutes after dinner but a bit longer is ok). Some dogs save up for outside. Take plenty of plastic bags for clean up - I hate people who leave their dog's poo in public places - it makes life hard for the rest of us not to mention I find it as disgusting as non-dog people. Two laps around the block on the lead should be enough. Again if they are distracting each other from the task at hand, separate them.

    5. Get a large dog crate for the jack russell's bedroom. Follow crate training procedures - feed him in there. Make him sleep in there. Eventually (or sooner) he will not soil his own bedroom unless he has a stomach upset or you shut him in too soon after dinner without an opportunity to poop. Do not use the same crate for the border collie ever. This crate should be the jack russell's domain only.

    Barking - you need to give the dogs something else to do when df comes to the door. Like sit and stay. This will take some work and lots of repetitions. Get df to take some treats and you have some. When he goes out you make the dogs "sit and stay" and reward them when they get it right. As soon as things are quiet, reward that too and use a word like "quiet" only when it is quiet (for now). Make df come back in and repeat the process. Make df go back out, back in - 20 times, a practice session of this every day until you start to get some results. You might need to do it one dog at a time at first, and shut the other one somewhere else.

    Get some trainers in to help like Bark Busters. Also have a chat with your obnoxious neighbour, and ask her what bothers her about the dogs - like if you can stop them barking all day - will she be ok with that and leave them alone? Don't be agressive, do listen, and pay attention to what she says. It may be that she would never be happy with dogs next door no matter how well behaved so you will never be able to leave them outside, you need to find out.

    If you haven't got time to exercise or train both dogs enough, I'm thinking you'd be much better off re-homing the border collie. The Jack Russell shouldn't need as much attention or exericse.

    I'd also consider doing obedience dog classes - so you learn how to train dogs. And there is lots of stuff on the net about these things. Google for dog training articles. There are many methods. Be persistant and consistent with one technique for at least a week of 5 minute daily sessions before deciding it's no good and switching to something else.

    Clicker training is not the only method but often works well with farm dogs.
    List of Articles about barking dogs search | Karen Pryor Clickertraining
    List related to toilet training search | Karen Pryor Clickertraining

    Crate Training | The Humane Society of the United States

    Hope some of that helps.

    And personally I'd be wary of a partner that insists on keeping his dog over your dog. Especially when the dog needs to be kept inside a lot and the choice is between border collie and jack russell. Given df's own attachment to a very demanding dog - he could be more understanding of your attachment to your dog. What precious thing is he going to ask you to give up next? Weigh this advice knowing it is from someone who enjoys being single, this might not be your thing and that's ok so long as you are not continously miserable.
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    hi there thanks for your reply.

    our border collie goes for a 2 hr walk of a morning and a 2 hr walk of a night.
    So i dont think its the exercise side. i have spoken to the vet and she said that jack russels will try and control anyone. So she seems to think his trying to be the boss towards the other one.. thanks about the floor thing too cause ive been using vinger as i was told that helps them stop

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    hi mummy2lilly

    Is the jack russell getting 2 hours exercise morning and night too?

    And yes Vet is probably right about jack russells trying to take over. My friend who has one, has very strict "in your bed" rules for his. Any time the jack russell is being obnoxious - it's "in your bed". But that jack russell gets a lot of exercise and gets to play outside and is not usually shut inside when its family are out. They can be trained, it just takes persistance and consistency and absolute insistance on what is required. Ie no giving in because it is easier or you're tired or just can't be stuffed right now.

    Good luck with it. I hope it works out for you all.

    Vinegar makes them stop - hmm, and yet I've heard the opposite. There's a lot of that going on, especially on the internet. Anyway, if it's not working - definitely time to change to something else. Vinegar smells a bit too much like something rotting - after all it's a by product of fermentation (something rotting like grapes). It is a good cleaning agent but I'd be worried about the smell left over. My dog quite likes the smell and taste of vinegar. She doesn't mark (yet?) though so not sure about that effect.

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    I haven't read all the posts, so forgive me if I'm way off base here. To deter my dogs when they're young, I use Home Brand camphor rub. Spirit was heading towards ring barking the trees out the back. I smeared the camphor rub on the trunks & instantly, she stopped. Also, when she gets a bit too obsessed with a hole she's started, I smear a brick with the camphor rub & put it in the hole ... no more digging in that area. People have also used it on outside doors & windows to deter the dog from scratching etc. Spirit tore a strip off the wooden dog house on the weekend, so we smeared the area where she had chewed off the wood & it instantly stopped her. It doesn't work for every dog, but it has a pretty good success rate. Smear the camphor rub on the affected area & it might stop the dog from defecating there.

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