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Thread: Advice on Dog/staffy for Young Family Please!

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    Default Advice on Dog/staffy for Young Family Please!

    I was after some advice on purchasing dog if anyone can pls hlp!?
    We have two kids under 5. My hubby is a dog person growing up with staffies and rotties. I don't know a lot so am doing some research before we make the life commitment.

    I know many say not to get dogs till after kids are 6 - however hubby not interested in this theory. I'm fully aware they would have to be under direct supervision all the time. He really wants a staffy. Here are some of my questions.

    1) How much training is required for stafforhshire bull terrier- Are the easily trianed, hard to train etc etc

    2) How energectic are they? I heard you can get lazy ones and then really hyper ones????

    3) Do they tend to rip washing off line, jump, bite, dig, when in yard? Do they rip things up if inside?

    4) Are they dog/people agressive when walking? Do they pull or lunge?

    5) Do they whimper at night or bark at everything that walks by?

    5) How are they with kids - gentle or do they need to be taught, bowl kids over etc etc?

    I know some of these questions are all what training is for and that most dog/puppies do all these things, really just wondering if staffy is a suitable dog for our current situation. My mum tends to freak out when I talk about getting one - however i have only had contact with very loyal gentle staffies.
    Any advice is great!! If I hve missed any vital questions please let me know. I'm also happ to hear of other suitable dogs - however hubby not keen on retrivers or little cuddly dogs which i know are often ones recommended for families! THANKS

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    We have plenty of Staffy owners here who will be more than happy to help you out.
    I dont know a great deal on them apart from the ones that are asleep on the operating table
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    Great post SH

    Hello and Marina
    Yes i'm another Staffy fan I agree with SH, If you put in the training you won't have the problem you talk about. SBT are a wonderful breed and great family members, I also have kids, My staffy is only 8 months old. There isn't much i can add to SH post, Just when people ask me (what do you think about us getting a dog?) I always say it's just like having another baby. Time, Training, Teaching ect. I hope you find the advice your looking for here all the best...
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    Hi again people,
    I have just been looking up breeders etc for Staffordshire, can you please help me out on the specfic questions I should be asking?

    I know to definitly ask to view parents, ask about temperment,papers etc. Is there more I should be asking about when looking at purebreeds???


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    Are you looking for a dog as a pet or to show?
    IMO Ethical breeder like to keep there puppies up untill 8 to 12 weeks old. health tests ect.
    A good breeder will make sure there pup is going to the right home for it, They will want to know all about you. A good breeder will also like to keep in contact, as down the track you may have questions. Most breeder give you a little book to tell you about things. Also look at how the breeder looks after there dogs and how they interact with them. Others here may help more. Let us know how you go...
    ETA IMO If they state english staffy IMO run.. They are Staffordshire bull terriers...
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    ok now I have another question - What is the difference between English Staffy and American?

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    Oh and we just want it for a family dog not show.

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    There is no english staffy.. it is Staffordshire bull terrier. the American staffordshire terrier is a form(if that's the right word) of the APBT American pit bull terrier
    So there is
    Staffordshire Bull Terrier / Stafford/ staffy
    American Staffordshire Terrier/ Amstaff
    American Pit Bull Terrier/ APBT

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    There is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier thread in my dog groups here, Your welcome to have a look If that helps

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    Thanx 4socks for putting me onto the staffy thread. All the Staffy photos are awesome!!! What great characters with lots a personality haha! I hope you don't mind me asking - i contacted a breeder who said his male was imported from America. He said his male is dog agressive however his female is not. I am just wondering what would you pay for a pure breed american staffordshire terrier? He said he is selling his puppies for 1,000, i am allowed to view the parents-take my toddler etc I'm not after looks I just really want a good temprament and a healthy dog. The only reason I am going down the pure breed track is to know what the parents are like.

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