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    I currently have a great Tibetan spaniel cross (he doesn't bark & loves his walks & games) but thinking of getting another dog. I live in an apartment and was just wondering whether anyone currently has similar arrangement and the pros and cons. Suggestions on suitable breeds would also be appreciated. Thanks.

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    First of all, Welcome!

    Second of all, is their a particular reason you want another dog?
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    Thank you... I want to get another dog for my Tibetan Spaniel's play mate. I feel like he needs another canine companion - he's very close to me & we do a lot of things together but I feel the level of interaction is just not the same as having "someone of his kind"

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    Well firstly if he's happy and well then he doesn't need 'one of his kind'.
    You are all he needs

    And secondly,dogs can live quite happily in an apartment just as long as thier needs are met such as toileting and exercise.
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