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Thread: Australia - Pedigree Dogs Exposed

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    Default Australia - Pedigree Dogs Exposed

    It has been televised in some other countries and it was just a matter of time till the documentary appeared on television in Australia, and the following from this address.

    Notice to Members
    Victorian Canine Association Inc
    trading as DOGS Victoria

    7 August 2009

    The BBC Documentary "Pedigree Dogs Exposed" will be shown in Australia on September 10th. Members are now asking what the ANKC is doing to prevent negative publicity such as occurred after the program was screened in the UK.

    Our first action was to publish the "ANKC Vision for the Health and Welfare of Pedigree Dogs" which was sent to a wide range of people in Government, Welfare Agencies and the Media. Most Member Bodies have reproduced it in their Journals or provided links to it. It can be viewed on the ANKC Website under HEALTH & WELFARE and is the basis for our defence against the program.

    Our second action was to appoint an ANKC Public Relations Officer (Dr Peter Higgins) for a 4 month contract leading up to and after the screening of the program, with the intent of reducing the impact of any fallout. He will make a series of Press Releases going to over 2,500 media outlets and has already made a number of TV & Radio appearances and has fielded a large number of media inquiries. His details and Press Releases can be found on the ANKC Website under MEDIA.

    In relation to the program we are involved in two projects instigated by the ABC.

    Dr Jonica Newby is making a documentary for "Catalyst". She has done extensive interviews with breeders, Sydney University, the RSPCA and others interested in Animal Welfare. We believe her focus will be on the changes to breed standards and inbreeding. I am scheduled to do an interview with her.

    Immediately after the screening of the BBC Program there will be an online discussion panel and Karen Hedberg and I will be representing the ANKC.

    We were asked by both Sydney University and the RSPCA to meet with them to discuss the program.

    The University will be highlighting the work we are doing with them on Disease Surveillance.

    We have had two meetings with the RSPCA. They have issues over inbreeding and the change in standards but now have a better understanding of what we are doing in the area of Canine Health & Welfare.

    Hugh Gent OAM
    Australian National Kennel Council

    DOGS Victoria (03) 9788 2500 .

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    Does anybody know when this show is to screen?

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    No but I would be very interested in knowing.
    It says September 10 in the notice but I'm wondering if thats all states etc ?
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    Default Pedigree dogs exposed

    Hi there,

    If you google the title there are videos that are available to be watched. I looked at the program briefly last night. I think it needs to be determined wether Australian practises are similar to UK practises ie do we inbreed our dogs here etc.

    This does have the potential to be damaging if these practises are true, but if they ae not true in Australia then some transparency from the revelant associations will put them in a stronger, more respected position going forward.


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    The TV documentary is now being listed on the Australian ABC Network for national broadcasting.

    Firstly on ABC the science program called Catalyst 8:00pm Thursday, 10 Sep 2009 they mentioned besides other things in the program they will include "previewing the documentary 'Pedigree Dogs Exposed'".

    After that Catalyst program the ABC will broadcast "Pedigree Dogs Exposed" at 8:30pm Thursday, 10 Sep 2009, and the following from this link address.
    Pedigree Dogs Exposed - ABC1 Television Guide

    A shocking investigation into the health and welfare of pedigree dogs.

    Two years in the making, Pedigree Dogs Exposed lifts the lid on the extent of health and welfare problems in pedigree dogs, caused by decades of inbreeding and breeding primarily for 'beauty' rather than health and function.

    For millennia, man has shaped the dog to his own needs... to hunt, retrieve, herd, guard and comfort. But in 1873, with the foundation of the British Kennel Club, everything changed.

    Instead of being bred for purpose, dogs began to be moulded purely for their looks and for success in the show ring. Today, many breeds have been so exaggerated that they are unrecognisable from the fit and functional animals of a century ago.

    Now for the first time the extent of the situation - perpetuated by the 100 countries worldwide that have adopted the British Kennel Club system, including Australia - is captured on film.

    The Kennel Club was born out of the eugenics movement, the idea that 'improvement' came through racial purity. Dogs were divided into individual breeds and allowed to breed only with each other. Even though it is scientifically proven that inbreeding causes terrible problems, Kennel Clubs still hold 'purity' as sacrosanct.

    Supported by strong testimony from top experts, the film argues that - without radical reform - many of our best-loved breeds face extinction.

    An online forum will be held after the program has aired, discussing the issues raised in the film and the relevance for Australia's dogs:
    Documentaries - ABC TV

    Catalyst will broadcast Jonica Newby's report on pedigree dog breeding in Australia on Thursday, September 17 at 8pm on ABC1.

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    Here's link to this documentary on Youtube (has several parts)

    IMO a bit over the top. Now everyone's gonna hate breeders and start approving mixing without control which leads to producing even more "designer dogs".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fedra View Post
    IMO a bit over the top.
    Maybe so, and that might be needed to start the ball rolling for something like this and which might start looking into the whole dog scene. The following from this address.
    Dog World - 34 APGAW

    Dog World NEWS
    APGAW finds ‘serious welfare problems’
    20 Aug 2009 10:14

    THE PARLIAMENTARY enquiry into breeding and showing has concluded that purebred dogs are suffering from ‘a serious welfare problem’.

    Although the six-month ‘investigation’ by the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW) has concluded the contents of the report are not due to be revealed until October.

    But APGAW has revealed exclusively to DOG WORLD that the breeding and sale of dogs is an area it believes needs to be addressed urgently by the government. To this end, a copy of the report is to be sent to DEFRA as soon as possible.

    A final draft is currently being written but it was revealed this week that there is concern about all purebred dogs not just those registered by the Kennel Club.

    The enquiry – which at the outset said it was to look closely at ‘the breeding and showing industry’ – was launched after the TV programme Pedigree Dogs Exposed was broadcast.

    It took in evidence from a wide range of organisations and individuals, a spokesman said on Tuesday, listing the British Veterinary Association, RSPCA, Dogs Trust, ‘numerous veterinary professionals’ and breed clubs. The KC was also among them.

    “The evidence... has led us to believe there is a serious welfare problem,” the APGAW spokesman said. “It is already clear that we should not just be focussing on pedigree dogs as this problem also affects many unregistered purebred dogs.

    “The general breeding and sale of dogs is an area which needs addressing by the Government and APGAW has realised that the animal welfare problems cannot be looked at in isolation of protection of consumer rights. The enquiry is concerned that currently the public has very little information as to how to ensure they obtain a healthy and well-bred puppy.

    “There is no doubt that public education will need to play a significant role in the future and will be a strong force to improving breeding practice.”

    Conflicting priorities

    She said that the forthcoming General Election would create conflicting priorities for action and potential legislation.

    “However, we feel this is an important matter that needs addressing immediately,” she said. “Despite stating that the report would be published in the summer it will now be published in October owing to Parliamentary recess taking place over August and September. DEFRA is keen to see a copy of the report and we look forward to their response.”

    APGAW’s working group’s remit was to investigate the welfare issues surrounding pedigree dogs, to identify factors which might improve standards at all stages of dogs’ lives, and to advise on measures suitable for secondary legislation concerning the issue under the Animal Welfare Act.

    Its terms of reference are to:
    * Take evidence from interested parties about the health and welfare implications of pedigree dogs bred to current KC standards;
    * To produce a report outlining the main issues and recommendations for improvements/changes to current practices;
    * Although some specific breed examples will be useful as case studies, the aim of the report is to consider current practices in general to get an overview.

    The ‘possible areas to investigate’ are:
    * Numbers of dogs involved;
    * Structure of the breeding and showing industry;
    * Regulation of the industry – the KC, Animal Welfare Act;
    * Financing of the industry;
    * Identification of dogs to establish parentage and breeder.

    The KC and Dogs Trust’s joint enquiry into the breeding of all dogs should reach a conclusion in the new year.

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    Thanks for the tip, I have programed it into Foxtel to record! cheers Christy & Paw-Sha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paw-Sha View Post
    Thanks for the tip, I have programed it into Foxtel to record! cheers Christy & Paw-Sha
    ditto !

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    I am going to miss it so will have to watch what I can online.

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