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Thread: Australia - Pedigree Dogs Exposed

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    It is scheduled to screen this week on one of the Foxtel channels. I already saw it in the UK when I was there last year. It is quite horrific and disturbing, but the impression I get, though I am not hugely familiar with the Australian breeding industry, is that Australian breeders are much more proactive about hereditary diseases and conditions. My memory is fuzzy since it was more than a year ago, but I think the breeders shown on the programme refused to acknowledge there was anything wrong with some dogs that had congenital conditions or just dismissed it as 'collateral damage' to breeding the perfect show dog. I am sure, though, that the producers selected the worst possible examples of breeders they could find.

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    Hey Angwen
    Do you know which Foxtel channel?

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    Don't get me started on this stuff!

    If you look at the extreme and fanatic end of the scale in any human hobby or pursuit it is unpleasant. But to compare all dog breeders with minority extremists is like saying that everyone who ever drinks liquour is a raging alcoholic.

    Like Fedra says, this type of negative journalistic hype has the potential to increase demand for deliberate cross bred pups. The massive incidence of hereditary disease like hip and elbow dysplasia in crossbreds is much harder to collect and compile into relevant statistics.

    Who regulates health checking and monitoring of crossbreds??

    This documentary was made to make money - are the makers actively involed in animal welfare?? Or have they moved on to their next money making venture leaving people like responsible dog breeders, who could be providing healthy happy show dogs and family pets, to scramble around and justify their every move?

    I challenge anyone who believes everything the see on TV as gospel truth to prove some of the statements made in this. Have a look at some footage from Crufts Dog Show and tell me if you can call it a "Parade of Mutants" with any truth. Most of the breeds there still look and act as they have for hundreds of years.

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    Anyone read rosettes to ruin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nattylou View Post
    I challenge anyone who believes everything the see on TV as gospel truth to prove some of the statements made in this.
    Nattylou can you prove some of the statements made in this is NOT TRUE, if you can then I think that maybe the UK Kennel Club and their Breed Clubs might like to hear from you.

    I think that the producer of the documentary is making quite a bit of money from the documentary, even now from our ABC, and I wonder that if things were NOT TRUE then why haven’t we heard that she is being stopped and taken to court to be sued, and it’s been over a year since it was first shown on UK TV.

    Did you read about APGAW on the previous page of this thread?

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    Magdalena, it is ABC1 on Foxtel tonight (Thursday) 10th September.

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    Many thanks Paw Sha

    I am open minded about what I see /read in the media and the first to say that a lot of the time they're full of you know what. Definitely not gospel, just interested to see it.

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    There will be a follow up program on the Australian pedigree dog system next Thursday 17th Sept, I think at 8pm ie the Catalyst program but it was hard to tell from the plug at the end of this week's Catalyst because the two programs were joined together.

    There was a sneak preview saying something about cattle dogs not being what they once were - health wise.

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    Missed it! Totally forgot about it

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