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    Ok, probably a silly question but is it ok for the dog to do it's business in the garden? It seems ours has chosen a corner in our garden...which I don't mind as it's means less cleaning of the lawn. However she only wants to wee on the lawn. Should I train her to eliminate in a specific area? What do guys do and where do you put your dog poop? Into a bag and in the big bin or dig a hole in garden and bury???

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    Ours does her business in the garden. We do a clean up every so often and bin it. Do whatever is easiest for you, unless she's damaging your lawn it's fine.

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    If you worm your dog regularily, her poop may kill earth worms too, so best to keep it out of the compost or worm farm unless the poop is several months old (effect of worm killer wears off after time). Excellent that your dog has chosen one place to go - very convenient.

    I have a small bucket that I line with a plastic dog poop bag or fruit shop plastic bag, and I clean up as I find the dog bogs because Karma means - I'll step in it if I don't, my dog has no set place she goes. I clean up every day and put the bag out with the household rubbish weekly.

    If your dog wees on the lawn - it can burn yellow holes, which eventually grow back all lush and green from the extra nitrogen (urea fertilizer). If you pour a bucket of water over the spot she peed on, the burn effect is reduced. If you only feed home made dog casserole, the burn effect is aslo reduced. The more dry food in a doggy diet, the more likely lawn burning dog pee. High acid pee is most likely with the first pee of the morning. This is fairly obvious on my back lawn because my dog pees first thing most often on the bit of lawn nearest the back door.

    I've seen crystals in pet shops that are supposed to reduce or neutralize the lawn burning effect of dog pee if you feed them to the dog - but I've never used them.

    Hope that helps.

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    I have 2 dogs and they go where ever they want to go ...out in the yard ofcourse!!

    I pick the poop up everyday with freezer bags and they go into the wheelie bin (that gets sanatised monthly).

    Being lawn is brown and yuck atm...specially where they pee!

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    My cheeky pooches go wherever they see fit.

    I tend to do a cleanup weekly by putting the poop in a shopping bag and tossing it in the bin.

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