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Thread: Need Advice on Dog Problem.

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    Unhappy Need Advice on Dog Problem.

    Hi guys,

    First time on the forums. I have a slight problem which has brought me here in search of advice. I would really appreciate if you would take the time to read my problem and hopefully contribute your thoughts. Thank you.

    Here's how the story goes...

    We are a family of 4. We are currently living in a rented house. We bought a new house, and are moving into it next week on the 18th August. We also currently own a 6 year old male Maltese x Shitzu. In our current house, he lives indoors with us and when he needs to relief himself, he either goes into the toilet where he does it on the newspaper or he signals for us to take him outside into the backyard to do his business. All his life, he's been an indoor dog and he doesn't like being outdoors for long periods of time.

    He is very well part of the family and we love him lots. He isn't perfect and has a few flaws. Since he has long-ish white hair, he occasionally sheds his fur and they drop on the carpet. He also might smell a bit...but hey what a dog doesn't?! He is also toilet trained from young, but within the last couple of years, he has urinated in a few places indoors - on the carpet, on plastic bags placed on the floor, at the corner of door frames, etc... Sometimes I think he can be a bit forgetful and does it. It has become more frequent recently. He has also done #2's on the floor instead of on the newspaper or outside. He knows he's not suppose to do all these, because when we scold him, he goes all sad and shows his sad face and tries to walk away with his tail between his he knows! But through all these faults, we still love him for who he is. When he's in the house, we occasionally play with him during the day, but he's always 'around' us when we are watching TV, eating dinner, surfing the net, etc...

    Now my mom's saying when we move into the new house, he is strictly going to stay outdoors and not to come inside. (I think mom doesn't really like him as much as my dad, brother and I do, as she sometimes has to clean up after him when he mistakenly does his business on the floor). That's the thing that bothers her the most, because she wants to keep our own house clean.

    She has made it very clear that he is not to come into the house. I feel like if we put him outside, he will feel like he isn't as loved and part of the family like he used to be and he will be less sociable and sad and i just can't bear to see him like that.

    I told mom that we (dad, brother and I) agree not to let him upstairs on the second storey, as we will place one of those gates at the bottom of the stairs. But she still insisted that he is to be outside.

    Right now, I just feel so so depressed how she can have no feelings for him and can just blatantly insist that he lives outside. He was born to be an indoor dog...putting him outdoor all of a sudden will be a massive change for him, I'm not sure how will it affect his health, feeding habits, etc...

    I'm sure this has come up before...does anyone have a good suggestion and advice that I can use to support the case for having the dog in the house?

    I would really appreciate your input into this, as I'm sure a few of you have been in the same situation with experience you can share.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Good on ya mum! It's OK that dog dirties someone elses house, but God forbid if it dirties your own!

    First of all, your breed is NOT an outside dog and you should specify this to your mum. You feel right that he will feel excluded and abandoned if suddenly you decide to kick him out.

    As for peeing and pooing inside, most dogs do that because they seek attention. DO NOT SCOLD!!! EVER! Your dog is not sad because he knows he's guilty, but because he's afraid. When and if he does it's business, ignore him. I know it's hard, and I know you guys get angry, but just ignore it, pick it up and ignore the dog. Also, at that age and being toilet trained it might be a health issue. Have you checked him at the vet?
    How much attention does he really get throughout the day? Him watching you surfing and doing your stuff is not attention and is not being with him. Can you somehow spare half an hour a day (can be split throughout the day) and have some quality time with him? Do some excercises, like sit, drop, crawl.... whatever so he feels useful and motivated. All the good stuff award, and mistakes ignore. Do not scold him or shake him it's not good.

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    I gather you are in the US (if the 'mom' spelling is any indication).

    As stated above, the breeds that make up your little dog are not breeds that should be kept outdoors. They are lap dogs. Lap dogs were bred to be companions for people and to 'sit on laps' of the gentry in days gone by.

    As you already have said, he is accusotmed to indoors and company and he will not be a happy dog if he is suddnely excluded from his family and put outside. He will think he has been banished for doing the wrong thing and he will be confused no knowing or understanding this.

    Hit toilet training is not forgetfulness, but possibly laziness and it is up to your family to train him. He can be re-trained so that he only goes outside. One of the big mistakes I feel you have made is training him to go on paper. Dogs find it difficult to determine if that paper or bag or book or mat on the floor is meant for them to toilet on or not. It is always best to toilet train a dog to go to the toilet outside on grass.

    The smelly dog thing is easy. Wash him weekly, which is what I do with my dogs. It is important that you ONLY use a good dog shampoo if you are going to do this. Human shampoos and poor quality dog shampoos will damage his coats and skin. Oatmeal based dog shampoos are best as they are the most gentle.

    A gate on the stairs is a good thing, and I have one of these too as I do not allow my dogs upsatirs on the carpet. Another good thing would be to get a dog door installed. Then he can go outside whenever he chooses to go to the toilet and this will help the situation a great deal.

    If your mum is sitll insistent, then perhaps get another dog to keep your dog compaany outside. Make sure you have a nice warm kennel near the back door (they rarely will sleep in it if you have it away from your door) and your dog and the playmate can snuggle and play together. At least then, even though your little dog will still be in shock, he may adjust to living outdoors if he has company. Look at shelters to find your next dog and try to get a dog that has a matching personality and is matching in size and age.

    The final option is to re-home your little dog to someone who will let him live indoors. I know this will be hard on you, but it will be much better for him. You can choose to let him possibly be miserable for the rest of his life or you can give him to someone where he will be happy.
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    start cleaning up after your own dog...

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    I would really appreciate your input into this, as I'm sure a few of you have been in the same situation with experience you can share
    Actually no. I am sure the RESPONSIBLE pet owners on this forum would properly toilet train their dog, understand effective and safe discipline techniques and not abuse their authority as pack leader by expecting a INDOOR dog to comply to their stupid rules.

    And ick on it being okay for it to ruin a rental but not your own purchased house. I sincerly hope you get a fine from the real estate agent on that one.


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