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Thread: Lady,,,, Inside?

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    Default Lady,,,, Inside?

    As most will know, Roly is an inside dog, Lady is an outside dog. One of the reasons for Lady being outside is because she wants to be outside. She sits and whines at the door until shes let out.
    Anyway, I opened the door today and Lady ran in and jumped onto the couch, got all skitty and started rolling around on her back.
    So I left her and shes still inside, not even wanting to go outside.
    Its a bit weird though cause shes sitting staring at me right now. Shes fed and been on her walk. So I dont know whats brought on this urge to be inside but she is looking pretty damn cute if I do say so myself
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    My old dog Jess was similar..she loved to be's where she wanted to be, but as she got older, she liked to come in at nights.

    Maybe Lady is starting to feel her age and wants the extra warmth and company?

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    Yep,maybe she just feels the need to be near you recently .
    Unless she shows signs of being unwell , lap it up
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    yeah, i agree, maybe she just wants to spend more time with you, and that's pretty sweet

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