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Thread: Fostering a Dog with View to Adopt Help Pls.

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    Hi Nixi31

    I think your approach with the sit and wait calmly for the runner to pass you is a good option. I do that with my puppy and cars. Cars freak her out.

    Another option is to turn and go the other way, and repeat this every time she lunges at something but this isn't as practical as the "sit" option. I haven't personally used it because my dog will lunge in every direction when she freaks out. But I've seen the method used on dog training shows on TV.

    They get a co-operative jogger to run down the path in the dog's direction and turn the dog away when she lunges, and then repeat over and over... but I guess, to make this work you'd have to get your dog off the path the jogger was using. Like on an oval or field.

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    Hi guys - thought I would let you know - not such great news! Very sad to say that she was taken back yesterday. Very hard decision as I had fallen for her - behaviour and all!!! However the safety of my kids must come first. She met with a trainer twice - once during group dog session which was NOT SO GOOD, couldnt go near any other person -including the trainer or dog. The second time was one on one and although she warmed to the trainer and he said she had some good qualities he didn't think it appropriate for her to be around young children and said she had many behaviours that needed correcting - including the mouthiness and biting. He said she could be trained but that it would take a hell of a lot of work even for an experienced dog person, so the rspca will now only let her go to a single person or couple willing to train her properly, i hope they stick to their word. Poor little girl most of it's not her fault either, no one has ever bothered to put the time into her which the trainer thought was the reason for most of her behaviours. So now I'm at a loss, my son is upset and my husband is still keen to get a dog. I don't know if I could go down the fostering road again - i'm not good at giving the animals back!
    I don't spose anyone has any advice on finding good family dogs??? I miss her already!

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    So sorry Nixi, Fingers cross someone will take her in and give her the time she needs. As for advice on another dog. It depends on what you are looking for,What will suit you all!, IMO I mean this nicely> Do some thinking about what you and your family are looking for in a dog and what will suit your life style.I'm sure others here will have better advice on this

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