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Thread: Fight to Save Family Dog

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    Default Fight to Save Family Dog

    I found this and thought i would share, Sorry i couldn't work out the link
    it was in the Canberra times..

    Owner in legal fight to save family dog
    31/07/2009 7:01:00 AM
    A Canberra man is taking legal action to try to prevent authorities destroying his family's dog, despite the animal having killed two pets and maiming two others belonging to other families.

    Giralang man Bernard Robertson says his dog Blaze, a rottweiler-red heeler cross, is a loved family pet who is ''great with children''.

    But Domestic Animals Services says Blaze is a dangerous dog that has been responsible for documented attacks on four other dogs on the small Giralang street where the Robertsons live.

    Mr Robertson is battling in the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal for the order to destroy Blaze to be overturned.

    According to records of the Domestic Animal Registrar, Blaze's first attack was in February 2007, when she attacked Millie, a fox terrier cross, and Pepe, a papillon, which both belonged to a neighbour. Millie was saved by her owner's son but Pepe was so badly injured that he died, leaving his owners with a $2000 vet's bill.

    Despite being placed on conditions by the Domestic Animals Services, in September last year Blaze pounced on Precious, a silky terrier belonging to another resident of the street. Precious also died from her wounds. Blaze was declared a dangerous animal under the territory's Domestic Animal Act, which requires owners to have special licences to keep such dogs and to comply with strict conditions.

    In April this year there was another attack on a dog living in the street. The schnauzer, called Sunny, survived but has still not recovered from its injuries.

    Documents lodged with the tribunal allege that Mr Robertson taunted his neighbours after Blaze's attacks, telling them that his dog ''eats little dogs like yours''.

    An inspection of Mr Robertson's house and back yard, where he keeps his dog, found the property was not secure enough to house a dog scheduled under the legislation and Mr Robertson was denied a dangerous dog licence.

    Blaze has been impounded at Domestic Animals Services' Mugga Lane compound in Symonston awaiting destruction.

    In a letter to the dog's owner last month, registrar of domestic animals Scott Horan said he believed the rottweiler cross would kill again.

    ''I strongly believe that should Blaze have the opportunity, she will attack and kill another animal. Thus she presents as a real danger to the community,'' Mr Horan wrote.

    In Mr Robertson's appeal to the tribunal, he pledged to upgrade the security of his backyard and wrote of his daughter's affection for Blaze. The case is listed for hearing next month.

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    Another owner that shouldn't be allowed near a pet goldfish let alone be allowed to have children.

    And another dog that will see the Bridge too early through to it's owners sheer stupidity.
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    Yea i agree Choppa, You would think after the first attack in 2007 he would of made sure it couldn't happin again.
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    Things like this is what gives bad reputation to poor dogs like the Rottwieler.
    He obviously loves his dog, and doesnt want to give it up. Maybe he'll learn from this that time, energy and obediance is important with your dog.
    But whats the bet he doesnt learn a damn thing...
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    That's what i thought, He must realy love his dog, to fight so much for it, But then i thought why didn't he make that effort to not let it happin a 2nd 3rd and 4th time...

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    Exactly. He should have tried to stop it from happening the first time. That poor dog ...
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