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    Good morning everyone. My family and i are considering adopting a greyhound, I have two children who are aged 8yr and 2yr.*
    We have a found a girl we love she has been through the GAP program, but I wanted to get some additional information about greys from people who love them and live with them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Xx

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    I used to foster for GAP (Their Seymour Location) and I was always impressed with their thoroughness as an organisation.

    I wasn't a grey 'fan' before I fostered - but now I love them, they are a hoot! I fostered 2 cat-safe greys and one that wanted to eat everything that moved (in all honestly - to me they were no different to any other dog)

    From my own personal experience - They are fun, loyal, keen to please, easy to train (you have to go through a series of dog "experiences" while they are in compulsory foster care - to expose them and report on their behaviour - so the system is thorough and can place dogs with the most suitable homes.

    My only concern is that a lot of people who want to get rid of their greyhounds CLAIM that they have been through GAP - But they haven't - So unless GAP is your direct contact, I would get the current owner and dog information and contact GAP directly to confirm that she is indeed a GAP dog (as GAP dogs don't have to wear muzzles in public etc - so it's an important thing)

    P.S. Buy an extra couch - they are 70km/h couch potatoes - They want 20 minutes of exercise and 3 hours of napping haha. You might not get your current seating back!
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    Hi Tara

    I don't have a greyhound but my cousin and some of my friends do. Like Schnecke said - they do like a couch but they will happily substitute the cat bed if it's soft. They are very affectionate and laid back, happy with one walk a day, and sleeping the rest of it.

    I've seen one at Agility but it doesn't do so well with the tunnel - being a bit on the tall side

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    Oh and don't expect them to want to "sit" (Their body structure doesn't make it very easy for them to sit - they prefer to stand) so maybe teaching "wait" instead of sit is a good start :-)
    Asha - 22/05/15 Wolfhound cross a Dogue De Bordeaux X American Bulldog.

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