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Thread: Immunisation - how often?

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    My two went to the new vet the other day and got the 3 year vaccination - my understanding was the main difference is that the label rated it for 3 years (as opposed to it containing 3 times the product), while the annual one only has a label rating it for one year. So vets are reluctant to operate "off label" (liability). My dogs showed no effects at all from the 3 year vaccination. One of the links I had in my earlier post said that it is fine to use the annual vaccination just every 3 years, you just need to give your vet "informed consent" so they can use it "off label". For kennels that require kennel cough, you can get a vaccination that is effective within 72 hours apparently.

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    'farrview - Thank you for starting this thread.

    I have been doing a fair bit of homework about all of this. There is plenty of information on-line – but the information I have been getting from the vets I have spoken to – has been very disappointing.

    One vet offered to do a titre test – but it was going to cost ~ $500. The vet also said to me that by the time the results came back they would be out of date (?) and so the vet did not recommend that I do the test on my pup.

    'Villain & Flirtt' – How much does it cost to get a titre test done by Dr Jean Dodds ? Maybe - that will be the way I need to go.

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    I can't recall exactly what it cost to send the bloods. I it was around $55USD for the test and possibly $130AUD to send via FedEx. The results were available in around 72 hours from posting. There is also the cost of having the vet draw the blood and spin it down so all you send is the serum. Much less than $500.

    You can also use VetPath in WA if your vet is willing to open an account with them. Approx $120 from memory for titres through them. I only went to Jean Dodds because I had anomalous results for Villain. That said, I'd use Hemopet (Jean Dodds) again as a preference.

    As for titres being out of date... Uhhhhh. I don't know what to say. Titres are quick- 3 days to results (even with VetPath). If immunity is lifelong, and it may be, then the argument of out of date seems like an excuse, IMO.

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