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Thread: Blue tongue lizard versus dog

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    Northolt, I'm no gardener either, but we have planted native groundcovers which Sean the Shingleback finds very tasty.

    Sean scrunches his eyes up if one of the dogs bark, but will hold his/her ground and then keep wandering around. We suspect that Sean is a she and quite mature too. They can live over 20 years apparently, so will outlive my dogs! We have created a bit of habitat with water at ground level for lizards and do see a couple of varieties if you go out quietly into the garden in summer: Bearded Dragons, Frilled necks and smaller lizards

    Admittedly Chappie is normally on the verandah (spoilt) or in the house and Suzy is where she is happiest, out with the ponies and the dog den we made. Both dogs have been taught 'leave' and won't harm wildlife now. Suzy will bring our attention to grounded baby galahs, which we rescue, but sadly none have made it.

    Hope you can work something out Northolt so everyone is happy in your garden! Tricky I know.

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    Thanks Chappiedog. Ultimately that is what I would like to do. Teach Roley to leave the birds and the wildlife. He's still a young'un so there is plenty of time to train him

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    Are you not concerned, that if you make your garden a lovely home for reptiles, that snakes will come too?

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    Well let's see if the blue tongue hangs around first. I live in the suburbs in Perth so don't see many snakes at all. But blue tongues you see everywhere. Bernie you're just trying to frighten me lol!

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