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    Question Cavi Grooming Problems

    I have been successfully clipping my Prince Charles Cavalier for the last 7 or so years. As she has aged, I've found it increasingly difficult to clip her. It seems like her hair is too fine for the clippers or something. Whatever it is, the clippers simply do not clip her hair anymore. Instead, when I run the clippers through her hair, they simply don't cut it. I have had the blades sharpened and I always oil the blades. I generally wash her the day before I clip her so that her hair is clean and dry. I am using Wahl ShowPro clippers.

    Any ideas? As it warms up this spring I urgently need to get her clipped.



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    Have you tried a new pair of clippers? It may be something to do with the motor wearing out rather than the blades. I have that problem with my old food processor, and more recently the bathroom fan - just seized and didn't do the job any more.

    Otherwise I'd be thinking use scissors...

    Most people I know who have a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel - don't clip them.

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    What number blade are you using? and what brand is it? I have found a lot of blades tend to sort of skim over the coat rather than pick it up. The only blades I've found that don't do that are the Wahl ones - they're my favourite ones now.

    I would also suggest trying a different pair of clippers if the different blades don't make a difference.

    Scissors on a Cavie will produce a horribly choppy finish, even clippers can give a choppy look if you're not careful - It's because of their thick coat.

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