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Thread: Is your dog a homebody?

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    Default Is your dog a homebody?

    I have to say, I do love that Koda is a homebody! He has no desire to explore past the backyard unless he's with his people.

    We have 3 gates that enter into the backyard... Last night I got home late and was trying to deal with my ferret who had surgery yesterday and the abandoned duckling I ended up coming home with, so I was very distracted and I ended up leaving one of the gates wide open, and another gate wasn't latched so could have easily been opened by a dog...

    Woke up this morning and Koda was happily snoozing away on his bed... I didn't realise the gates were open until about 8:30 this morning

    He's always been good like that, the only time he's gone through gates that have been left open since he was a pup was during a thunderstorm when he was freaking out from the sound of it.

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    I would say the same of Maggie as she shows no sign of venturing through the garage door when it open or if the front door on the rare occasion is not quite latched.
    However if a dog or cat went by I suspect she would feel obliged to race out and bark.
    She is a mono thinker and forgets all that went before when in the grip of an exciting thought!
    As long as no one came by she wouldn't think of going out there when her world resides inside the house.

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    Pretty sure evil hound would nick off if she thinks she knows where I am. She thinks nothing of nicking off up to 1km down the beach (almost out of sight) but mostly when I send her. But if she hears a dog friend barking at "aunty chicken"... she's quite happy to go the whole distance... dodging other beach walkers... who look at this dog running flat out with no owner in sight... oh dear. But she does stay on the beach - erm - except to visit Aunty Chicken's house which is beach front.

    Aunty chicken dishes out large quantity of roast chicken to the beach dog friends and rewards some pretty poor behaviour on my dog's part. But if I try to prevent the dodgy behaviour - she asks me not to. Weird... And then she complains about dog jumping on her - well you trained her to do that.


    At home - I think evil hound would be quite happy to tour out of sight any place we walk regularly which is most of the suburb inside four main roads. I'm not sure if she'd cross the nearest busy road or not but I suspect she would - given her favourite park and foraging spot is on the other side of it. And then she'd go visit all her friends houses - eg Julian who gives her raw mince and she likes Rick and his two little SWF and she also likes Cooper's house and ...

    Back in the 70s when packs of dogs used to take themselves for walks in groups of 15 to 20 dogs - I'm sure she would have joined in that and showed them where all the good stuff is - she's quite the sharer and forager.

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    Asha hardly goes into our backyard unless I'm with her and she has gotten spooked before with the side gate left open and ran straight round the front to sit on the doorstep.

    Also I'm not sure if this counts as being a homebody but one time Asha got a fright while off leash and booked it, we thought she would just keep running and it would be impossible to catch her but no she ran to the car, sat and waited at her door until we caught up and then as soon as we opened the door she got in the car.

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    Mine are home birds also. Though one occasion, my son left here at 8.30pm, walked home across the paddocks 3k's. Bernie tracked him to his house. (Which was our house before we moved to new place). Just hung around my son's house, till they twigged he was there and let him in. As soon as he'd drank his fill, he then couldn't settle, and started whining, so my son opened the door, and Bernie came home. My son did follow on foot, and warn me he's on his way back. He was back in a couple of minutes after the call, directly home route must of been.

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