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Thread: Dog boots ... Yay or nay? :/

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    Default Dog boots ... Yay or nay? :/

    Hi there guys. Just getting some opinions here on dog boots. If they are worth it or not. I have a 10 month old border collie that i am starting to take out mountain biking with me. Now where most of the trails are soft or well packed dirt there are the odd patches of of rocky terrain. I have asked a few people and even my vet said that with an active working breed like her they are just more intent to get the boots off and chew on them lol
    Any opinions or experiences using these boots would be greatly appreciated ☺☺

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    I have used boots on my Border collie mustering sheep on hard rocky country in summer. He is from UK lines and his feet are not as tough as my kelpie. However it is quite difficult to get boots that fit nicely. I did find some boots from Ireland that I liked but in the end I know prefer to use a pad toughener. I use tuff n up and there are several brands available. Works better than boots and I rarely have any more problems.

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    My dog has cut her feet several times - probably at the beach - doing fast stops and tight turns...

    So I think boots would help - until she goes in the water...

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