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    Hi guys,

    For the last year I have been participating in the development of a wearable sensor for tracking of activity and wellbeing of dogs. Currently, we are conducting a research project about this new product, and we would be very interested to hear what you think about our ideas. It will help us to better understand the needs and expectations of dog owners from such a gadget.

    If you are 18 or older and own at least one dog, please follow this link to the survey:

    The survey will take about 10 to 15 minutes. It is best viewed on a desktop, laptop or large tablet screen.

    I just want to emphasise that we are not promoting or selling anything at this point. I hope I didn't break any rules by posting this.

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    I think I'd be unlikely to buy one of these for the dog until I get something like a fit bit for me. I'm home most of the time with her, but the idea of a bark monitor appeals to me.

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    I think I might buy one depending on the price. It would be interesting to find out and like you said Hyacinth I can see it fitting into a get fit thing

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    I cant see me buying one of these. I can see folks buying them, that perhaps dont observe this in their dogs anyhow.

    I can see lazy dog owners, thinking, well the dogs been rather active today, no need for a walk with me.

    I can see all those folks out there, obsessed with health worries, buying into this big time!

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    I want to thank all people who took the time to answer the survey so far. You answers are very helpful.

    Regarding the question "who will use it?" - there are various reasons for dog owners to track their dog activity. The most obvious one is dog obesity. The statistics vary, but it seems that around 40% of Australian dogs are overweight. For some people, measuring their dog activity and setting goals brings discipline, just like FitBit that Hyacinth mentioned does. And then there are all kinds of medical uses, such as tracking the long term activity level of a dog with arthritis. It may show subtle changes that are not apparent in everyday observation. The list goes on, but all of you raise very important questions, and that's exactly why we do this survey, instead of producing the gadget and then trying to push it to people who don't actually need it.

    There is a very interesting statistics about human activity trackers: the average time people use it after getting one is . . . less than three months. I believe the same is true for activity trackers for dogs that exist today. Actually, we had people describing this pattern in the survey comments. I do believe that such a gadget can be useful to wide audience, but it has to deliver much more than just a daily activity graph.

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