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    A friend owns a working dog, she pays for all expenses, food, vet, toys etc and She takes the dog for training, to work etc, all the friend does is house the dog at his home, does he have any right to claim ownership of the dog if all he is doing is housing it? He has demanded she sell him the dog as he has legal right to take it, but we can't find anything that says he can take ownership of her dog from her. I know when I went through this with my ex, I won custody as I paid for all expenses and trained and housed our dog. I should add they are just friends, nothing more. Just curious if anyone knows if there's any links to legal info on this?

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    Has he got a receipt for when the dog was bought? Otherwise he doesn't own it and cannot compel anyone to sell it? I would get the dog pronto and house it elsewhere.

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    Who paid for the dog? Ie who bought it? Was it a gift from one person to another? Any proof of this?

    Is the dog microchipped? Whose name is on the microchip?

    Does the woman who trains the dog - also stay at the same place as the dog? Does she pay rent there for herself and the dog?

    Does she share a room with the man?

    If they were a defacto couple (sharing a bedroom for longer than 2 years - I think) then everything gets more complicated ie the dog is property of the defacto marriage and has to be "divided up" as part of a legal property settlement - if the two people cannot agree nicely (King Solomon would have said cut the dog in half and give each a half and when one person says - the other can have all of the dog rather than kill it - he knows who to give the dog to).

    Meanwhile if she's taking the dog to work and he's claiming ownership - I would not be returning the dog to his house - I'd be getting all my stuff, the dog's stuff out and finding somewhere else to live.

    Even the pound or boarding kennel doesn't claim ownership of a dog just because it stayed there. If she was renting a room in the house and had her bed there - the man could not claim the bed as his either.

    At best he might get away with claiming rent for the space the dog occupied but if there was never any agreement about that he might not get that either.

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    Every dog has ownership papers whether purchased from Pound...Shelter...Rescue of a Registered Breeder not to mention the whoevers name is on them is the legal owner.
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    The question of ownership isn't even on the table because he demands she sell the dog to him. I.e. he has already accepted it's not his dog. Yet you can't demand for something to be sold to you. It's either yours or it's not and if it's not and it's not for sale... tough shit. Even if she doesn't have any papers to prove that it's hers - neither has he. If she left a bike at his place and the agreement between the both was that she only leaves it there and picks it up when needed wouldn't give him any right to the bike either.

    He does sound like a pain in the butt tho... can she move her dog somewhere else?

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