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Thread: Does your dog get upset when you're angry?

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    Default Does your dog get upset when you're angry?

    The other day I was pretty furious at my printer. In fact I might have - accidently - even hit it once. Or twice. Nero was distraught!! As soon as he hears OH or me raising our voices over something he comes running trying to calm us down. He was pushing himself in between me and the printer and nudging me obviously distressed about my outburst. When I calmed down enough he curled up on the sofa behind me - watching me like a hawk in case I'm loosing control again

    And just now OH and I had a discussion about the key differences between a pancake and a crepe. Naturally we got a bit carried away - I mean it's not as if this wasn't life changing stuff! And Nero again, came running. Even though he was already tucked in his bed and fast asleep to resume his position between us in case the 'fight' was getting out of control.

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    Yes my dog totally mirrors my feelings.

    I don't like poodle crosses or dogs that pee on my stuff so she doesn't either...

    So now I pretend I like poodle crosses but I get anxious - and she's not fooled... argh.

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    I'm not the type of person who gets angry or frustrated very often (Its really quite rare for me to get angry actually) so I actually don't think either of the dogs have seen me when I'm angry. They've seen me with most other emotions though. Koda is definitely more in tune with me than Dodge is (Dodge's world revolves around my dad).

    If I'm sad, Koda picks up on it real quick, he gets all sooky and just wants to snuggle. If I'm anxious or frightened, then he is on alert and sticking nearby. There are others, but I can't think of them at the moment.

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    Maggie just sits next to me looking worried if I am out of sorts for some reason. She is hugely sensitive to her own inner world and hates loud voices or any loud noises. She would be terrified of someone genuinely angry I imagine.
    I am not sure she has empathy, certainly not like my lab x did she was amazing. If I was in bed sick with flu she would sit next to me and try to lick me better and not move. Maggie would likely start air snapping because she hadn't had a walk and pawing at the bed "get up get up I want a walk!" !

    She definitely picks it up if I am tense when we are walking. I try hard to stay relaxed or she reacts to every dog that comes by.

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    I have a chronic illness, that involves sleepless nights in pain.
    I have occasionally, woken up thirsty, if i have left heating on, and gone got a drink of water from the kitchen.
    -My dogs only get out of their beds for the first one, as they know im not right.

    I wonder if in a dogs point of view, you two are not behaving like your typical pack leaders in front of the 'kids'. Your dogs distress tolerance is low. And as neither of your have been able to 'resolve it' as evidenced by continued and probably enjoyed animated banter, he's stepping up to the plate?
    If you hit someone in front of your dog, you have effectively, demonstrated to the dog the behaviour of attack using physical force. This could be playing with matches, your gonna get burnt. But then, im not a hitting kinda person, so my dogs would freak out i reckon too. Its alarming, after all

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