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Thread: More Pit Bull Talk...

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    Default More Pit Bull Talk...

    I called my mum and told her I was thinking of getting a Pit Bull.
    I was not happy with the response, lets just say the media is very good at what they do

    A bit later I talked too my friend(an irresponisible one time breeder) and got the same reaction.

    I wish people could take the time to learn something about the breed.
    Does anyone know how to turn this The Truth About Pitbulls into an email without just copying and pasteing it so it still has its links and everything?
    Im gonna really try and make a difference for this poor breed
    Education not Legislation

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    I do it (or did it) this way: get the dog and over the time prove them all wrong.

    When I got my last dog (wasn't pit) of breed that has "funny" reputation I was told she was gonna kill us when she turns 2 (why 2 and not 5 I wondered ), she was gonna be like this or like that... Yeah right. Now they say: "No dog will ever be (good) like Fedra was" And I'm just laughing.
    I have a rottie now, and I was hearing the same old s***t. We are proving them all wrong day after day.

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    Hey Fedra
    I was a really young when I got my 1st Stafford. I too was told that it would turn on me one day.

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    Gosh it frustrates me when people who have absolutely no idea (not meaning offence to your parents though Auss) immediately fear and label something based solely apon what the media has fed them.

    How do I compete with that?
    Its not to say that I dont try,but it gets mighty disheartening at times.

    I am similar to what Fedra suggested to do.
    I let my dogs do the talking now.I especially love it when people are totally in love with them,they are being slobbered and licked all over by them.....and then they ask what breed they are

    I've had some...erm...not so pleasant reactions but the majority of them have been happily surprised to have the 'truth' of the media proven to be the rubbish it actually is.

    I guess its a matter of trying to gently show them that what they 'believed' is not in fact right at all. Do you know anyone at all that may be able to help by introducing them to one ?

    I don't know how to turn the page into an email either sorry,usually there is a link somewhere saying email this page but I couldn't see one .
    Occy might know .

    Damned good on you though for giving it a try !
    GageDesign Pet Photography
    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    I'v managed to make a pdf of the page, but file size is to big to upload on here, but small enough to e-mail, if you want me to e-mail, let me know your Addy

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    um ahh... I forgot Nomad was cluey with this stuff

    Told ya-should change your username to legend
    GageDesign Pet Photography
    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    Aren't Pit Bulls banned in Australia? Or is it only the American Pit Bull? What's the difference?

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    Some states still have no or little Restricted Breed Laws Mimi.
    Pit Bull is APBT ( American Pit Bull Terrier)

    Tasmania and Northern Territory you are free to own one with no restrictions,just as there is no BSL in the ACT . I always find that rather ironic considering it's where the Law was passed over these 'killing machines'.

    Ok,so lets ban these child killers this morning lads - then probably pass 10 of them on the way to thier favourite 'latte' place ( probably more like bar but hey-who am I to split hairs?) *shrugs *

    In Victoria,NSW and QLD. They are a Restricted Breed. SA an WA though have Laws are a tad more relaxed with the Laws concerning 'good' citizens.

    This pathetic Law though has done little to the breed as a whole except help idiots make alot of $$ out of poorly bred and cross bred APBT . They havn't stopped any dog bites. They haven't saved anyone from any attacks . They certainly havn't stopped people who should never own one from owning one .

    But to me it was never about the dogs anyway.
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    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    This came from a UK forum I am a member of.

    YouTube - Pitt Bulls, Truth behind the teeth

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    Good on you Aussiemyf7, If you can make a difference to just one person, That all that then becomes a ripple affect.
    I like Fedra idea- get the dog and over the time prove them all wrong. And in time other around you will see too.

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