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    I have a 2 yr old cattle dog. I recently had to take a job which sees me wrkn in Sydney n I live in the hunter. I leave at 4:10 and get home at 6:30. I also have 2 kids under 2. Therefore I honestly don't have the time to give her the adequate excersise she needs and quite frankley she is bored. She has understandably developed a barking problem and her quality of life isn't where it sld b. I'm getting to the point where I'm thinking of putting her up for adoption. I really don't want to. Which is why I'm here seeking advice. My only other solution I can think of is getting her a playmate. (Not another cattle ofcourse) do u think this would help? And has anyone else been in this predicament? Obviously I don't want to do it n then have 2 problem dogs instead of 1. But then again this mgt have wrkt for some people. Keen to get some feedback

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    Another dog will give you 2 bored dogs that need exercise.
    Is there a local that could be paid to walk your dog daily, quite a few active pensioners might like some pocket money cash.
    A mature dog will more likely get pts than be adopted and that breed is very bonded and would be devastated. Makes me sad just to think of the dogs confusion and anxiety.

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    That completely sucks. Do you get to see your kids awake at all? My dad used to work in emergency and we'd see him for a bit on alternating weekends - and all he'd want to do is sleep. Really bad for relationships with your children never mind your dog.

    And yes if you get another dog - especially one as smart as a cattle dog - and don't train either - you will end up with two bored dogs who will turn the yard in to a moonscape.

    Personally I think that making people do very long commutes - is inhumane and cruel - to the people and their families. But that is Sydney for you. The bosses don't pay enough for you to live closer.

    For the dog. Rehoming might be a good idea. Or getting someone local to help. But that won't fix the other problems caused by this kind of lifestyle.

    Meanwhile - really basic trick training, shaping, just five to fifteen minutes - in front of the tv - can help wear your dog's brain out and also keep the relationship with you strong. How many different tricks can your dog do? And teaching dog tricks - will also entertain your children on the weekends.

    Can you put out two toys and your dog will fetch the ball or the rope on cue? Will your dog fetch the ball and put it in your hand? Can your dog "sit pretty"? pivot around a phone book wrapped in a towel? back up? drop, sit, stand at a distance? how is the stay? Stay with distractions?

    Each one of these you start with something easy and some yummy treats... and then build up to the "Skidboot" performance.

    What do you do with the kids while you're out? Can you do something similar with the dog?

    kikopup on youtube has lots of basic shaping ideas you can try.
    Dog Tricks | Dogmantics Dog Training

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    i have such 3rd world problems in comparison.

    I see conflicting priorities and values
    you, are a finite resource, with a finite amount of 'energy' for want of a better word.
    you have 2 children under 2. Ergo, no time for a cattle type of dog.

    That reduces the drain on your energy, to allow focus on what is higher on the hierarchy, children. Under 2 children for sure.

    Travel: increase the positives about your commute by:
    downloading documentries to listen to
    comedy standups you like
    training audio resources like MP3's
    learning a new language
    listening to talks by people you admire
    a sing along cd

    Right dog, wrong time?
    will do better with non 2 under 2 scenario home for increased training

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