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Thread: Muzzle for extra large or giant dog?

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    Default Muzzle for extra large or giant dog?

    I've decided I need to update my collection of muzzles for work, at the moment I've only got 3, a tiny fabric one for SWF's (i hate the fabric ones but its usually not on them for long, so its okay for now, I'll get a tiny basket one to replace it though). A metal one that is a good size for kelpies or perhaps larger fluffies. And I've got Koda's baskerville muzzle which is good for dogs his size, wouldn't put it on a dog any bigger than him though.

    I know from experience that a lot of the basket muzzles have awful straps that just snap as soon as any kind of pressure is put on them. We ordered some new muzzles in at the vet not long ago and now most of them are broken... put one on a GSD once, the strap had snapped within minutes.

    So what I'm looking for is a muzzle that would fit large to giant dogs (GSD, Malamute, St Bernard, Maremma, just to name a few). But it needs to be incredibly strong, so that I can feel 100% sure the large powerful dog will not be able to snap it, and take a chunk out of me ...

    I've been lucky so far in that most of the large/giant dogs I've worked with have been nice, a couple have been iffy but okay to work around slowly... But no doubt one day a large dog who hates people will come in...

    The sooner I get one, the better I reckon... Better safe than sorry!

    Anyone know of any good strong giant muzzles?

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    I think there might be some on the k9pro website. German Shepherds and Malinois are not small.

    Newfsie had some for her dogs but she's away at the moment so don't know where she got them from.

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    I bought one off K9pro site, for Kevin (rottie) who was on dangerous dogs register, so had to be muzzled whilst out. He was unable to get it off or bite into it in any way. It fit really well too.

    Seemed comfortable for him to wear, he could still drink out of it too, which i needed for hot bush walks.
    all of my k9pro purchases are still going strong 9yrs in. So i highly recommend them.

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    there are ones on ebay you can purchase at wholesale prices. Basket muzzles but with thicker synthetic straps and better clips. Either that or look into a supplier called SHOOF, I have had a few of their basket muzzles and have not broken one.

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