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Thread: moving the sticky threads out of General Dog Forum

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    Default moving the sticky threads out of General Dog Forum

    Hi all

    I think General Dog forum is one of the most used bits of the forum tho I like training and off topic too...

    And it has five stickies at the top - some of which are a bit distressing / depressing - especially if its the first thing a newbie sees.
    General Dog Forum

    So I was thinking of leaving just the forum rules sticky and moving the others as follows

    how could you (dump me at a shelter)
    to - rehome zone - then at least people posting there have a clue about our attitude. I might copy the pet rescue rehome helper in there too and sticky that.
    Rehome Zone

    The back yard breeder thing - to puppy discussion - ie people who want a puppy need to know about BYB
    Puppy Discussion

    Puppy discussion probably needs a sticky that has links to articles, websites and google searches here on biting, jumping, feeding, and toilet training ie the puppy FAQ.
    I just haven't written it yet - tho I know Riley has a good list.

    And move the two about being a breeder to the breeder community part of the forum.
    Breeders Community

    Any thoughts...

    Like this post if you agree about moving stuff, post with why if you think I should leave things as they are.

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    What links do you need ? Anything I have put up here - Are for everyone to use as they wish.
    Must say - 'You have trained me well in saving links' !

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    Hi Riley

    If you make post in the puppy discussion - a sort of everything a new puppy owner needs to know eg links to kikopup, dogstar daily maybe even leerburg etc.

    You usually have about 6 or seven... and I will make it sticky...

    We probably need to do another one - tho I'm not sure where I'd put it...

    How to choose a puppy, breeder, shelter, rescue, petshop? Why? Why not.

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