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Thread: Gaining trust

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    Its very supportive of your friend to do this. Nice one.
    your doing grand with this.
    I take dogs for holidays, and its like getting a new one for a while. Fun to get a breakthrough. Ignoring works fab. But you dont have much time for that. So rewarding with pats is great.
    Fences. It is well known in dog society, that adult humans dont jump fences. This is a smart dog of the cattle variety, give her credit.
    cant wait for the 'after' shot of her asleep on you at the end of her stay lol

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    I went in to feed her the other day... I usually don't attempt to pat her when i'm in the yard with her because it always seems to upset her. But this time she came up and was nudging my hand wanting a pat, so I crouched down and started patting her. She totally lapped up every second of it, and slowly she got to the point where she felt safe to roll over for a belly rub She is still nervous sometimes, but she's made so much progress, she is such a sweetheart!

    Hoping to let her in the backyard soon (haven't really been able to do that yet because we wouldn't have been able to catch her if we needed to).

    Koda is incredible with her. Its unlike I've ever seen him with another dog. He just adores her. I'd love to let them play together properly, but we'll see. First step will be gaining her trust a bit more.

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