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    Hi all
    Our 2yo Border Collie girl has started doing something really strange. When I am putting on my eye makeup, putting eye drops in my eye, using my ventolin inhaler and taking cough medicine from the little medicine cup she goes totally crazy, barking and jumping up at my back. Do not know why she is doing this. It has come to the point where I need to do all of this behind closed doors. Any ideas as I am really perplexed?

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    Hi Lillis Mum

    Got no idea except that border collies are pretty good at empathy and she might think that you're doing something harmful to yourself.

    She might be triggered by the smell or something.

    Ignoring the behaviour can make it worse. Ie she thinks she's helping... and tries to help harder.

    Have you tried treating it like any other distraction or thing that gets her excited.

    At what point does she get excited?

    Eg I'd pick one thing... Maybe the inhaler.

    Get that out, at what point does she get excited? As soon as she sees it? Then work on desensitising that. Ie get inhaler out where she can see it and do training drills over here away from it where she can still pay attention to you.

    Something like that. Figure out what gets her excited - and work on getting her to do something else like a drop stay, where she's far enough away from the trigger to still pay attention.

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