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    Dose anyone have any ideas on how to get NJ use to our bike's? Road bike and kids dirt bikes and quad every time we get them out of the shed, As soon as NJ see's them he dose the and hides. He is now use to the helmets, He use to when we pulled them out. Just thought someone might have some ideas.
    Thank you

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    Try getting out the helmets and holding them for a while, and then putting them back and not using them. Do this reguly and he'll realise helmet doesnt always mean bike.

    When someone is on the bike or getting the bike out, squat down with him, hold his collar, and just reassure him and give him treats. When someone is using the bike, make that a good time for him. Try playing, giving treats, whatever makes him happy. Bike=fun.
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    I would try to not make a fuss over it.Do it as often as you can.
    Its all about desensatising,bit like horses.
    But making a fuss of scared,anxious,timid behaviour should not be encouraged.

    Have you tried just starting them and turning them off a few times? I'd try doing that once a day if feasible,he should eventually become accustomed to it.
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    Thank's guy's, Yea tried just having it sit there but he hates it. I'll try what you both said and see how i go. Maybe that's the problem, I made to much of a fuss about it and what he is doing.
    Thank you
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    Just had a light bulb moment and it may be stupid but....
    We do this 'trick' (Dunno if you could call it a trick really) with Leo where we put a treat on the floor about 2 feet in front of him and he has to sit and wait untill we say 'Ok go get it'. He has to wait about 10 seconds before he is told OK go on.

    Maybe try this with NJ getting closer to the bike each time. Once he is ok to be close to it, try starting the bike and go back to putting the treat on the ground (You might have to start off a bit further away again once you get the bike going and work back again) ??

    Dunno... thought it might be worth a shot? Was just thinking this way NJ's attention should be focused on you, not the bike noise. Im sure he will get a bit upset once they are started but DONT fuss about it, just keep going with the trick like nothing changed. I know with Leo at least that he is so food driven, he will learn just about anything in a day as long as there is yummy food on offer! LOL

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    Thank's so much leo I'll give anything a go at the moment.

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    Hehe, sounds a bit like Ziggy... She does everytime there is something new she doesn't know. But we are patient with her and leave the thing (whatever it is) on the ground. No fuss around it and usually she is to curious to not check it out in her own time (which is usually fairly quickly). Works for us at home.

    When we are outside we simply don't have the time to do that... So as an example one evening in the park (it was already dark) someone left the bike with lights on lying on the grass. Ziggy wanted to go to check it out but was to scared to get close. So I used treats to get her as close as possible and than I did what leo01 suggested. I threw the treats a bit ahead of her until we were at the bike, placed one under the bike and then she was fine sniffing the bike and all. Walking back she was the proudest dog in the park

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    Thank you so much everyone for your great advice, NJ is so food driven so tomorrow i'll give it a go. Thank's

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    Update, So far i have got him about a meter away for the road bike using treats, He did the bolt at first but i managed to get him to come ( the bike was not going). So it's a start better than what he was doing. Thank's guy's for your advice i'll try again tomorrow

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    Hey Foursocks
    That's great.
    When I got Lola she was scared of most things inc. mop, broom, anything new/different in the house or outside. With time and patience she's over it all. The latest scary monster was the lawnmower. Everytime it was out she'd be terrified. What I did was bring the lawnmower out of the shed and leave it sitting on the back lawn( not running). She didn't like this, but I made no fuss, pretty much ignored her. She loves playing ball so What I did is play ball with her and each time kicked the ball closer to the mower ( over a period of a few days). I would place the ball on the mower, right next to it, under it etc. After a while I'd do this with the mower running. The mower is not a 'scary monster' anymore.

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