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Thread: The Words Pit Bull

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    Quote Originally Posted by newfsie View Post
    He tells me American Staff's are the show-line of Of American Pitt-bulls.
    Thats basically it, I think it was in 1936, or there abouts, they took a nice pit, one of Colby's dogs I think, and basically wrote the standard according to that dog, height, weight etc.

    and you're right about them being people friendly and not attack dogs, a real pit is apparently a useless guard dog, my old one never had to guard anything so I don't know from experience, though, at the same time she was extra protective off me, but too friendly for a guard dog, and I've heard stories of pits greeting burglars with wagging tails

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    Where is the option for

    pitbulls are extinct - media reports to the contrary are hysterical lies. The dog attacks belong to cross breeds with owners who have tiny penises and need big scary dogs to compensate.

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    @ Hya - love your work!
    A pessimist sees the glass as half empty;
    An optimist sees the glass as half full;
    A realist just finishes the damn thing and refills it.

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