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    a friend has been looking for a staffie pup (of course she will only have a blue coloured one). I hooked her up with an excellent breeder that has been breeding staffies since the 70's and titles them in obed, rally and shows, thoroughly health tests all the breeding stock before the majority of dog breeders ever heard of health testing. has impeccable records of all her heath certs and the whereabouts and life history of every pup she bred and sold. screens all her buyers and just does everything right because she loves her dogs, loves the breed and is just a great person.

    anyhoo my friend passed on her because she does not breed for blue dogs. she has gone through the internet and is buying from someone that guarantees her blues, I said that may not be possible in a litter. the breeder told her she is expecting 40 puppies as all her females are conformed preggers. she will have as many again in a few more weeks and they both had a laugh at me because out of that many pups all bred for blue they obviously are going to get a blue. I asked about health testing and my friend showed me a pic of one of the breeders dogs sitting on a surf board - proof they are healthy. the dogs of course had heads like water buffalo and tiny little legs and massive bodies.

    I tried talking through some of this but could see I was going to get called an elitist snob and strain the friendship, why do people smart in every other aspect of their lives so dumb and sure they are right with dogs.

    I just smiled, said nothing and walked away.

    another friend asked all about becoming a registered breeder, I started going through some basic common sense things and again got the ire of being an elitist snob, she breed mini-foxies by the truck load to sell in the sunday classifieds.....

    I am going to just stop talking to pet owners, not worth the frustration.

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    'muttboy' - I really and truly understand where you are coming from with your statement.

    All I can say is - Don't give up the fight ! Some people can only be educated when they get a pup that has heaps of health problems and they are looking at a 'motza' of money to sort it all out.

    Do they learn ? Maybe and maybe not.

    I try and pick my fights nowadays and have had some success - not many - but some.

    All I can say to you is that:

    Jellyfish and brains.jpg

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    that cheered me up.

    I mean "muttboy" elitist snob??

    idiocracy was supposed to be comedy satire when it was made, it now reads like a documentary / prophecy.

    watch the whole thing some time, you will laugh.

    here is a short clip

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    that's why I think we should be providing free long term birth control in areas where they can't afford babies.

    Sorry to hear about your friend.

    Blue staffy + skin problems and

    Puppy farmer 40 puppies seriously? there is a breeder in SA that does that - breeds blue puppies too - that have skin problems - tho not so bad if live next to beach - dog is ball obsessed and doesn't play nice with other dogs which is fine so long as no other dog picks up the ball...

    The trouble with puppy farmers is they don't have enough time to socialise their puppies properly with humans or with other dogs so you end up with a puppy that you can't board or walk because it attacks other dogs and it doesn't like other humans either so that can make vet visits for vax and mange problems fun.

    If she'd really like a blue dog...
    weimeraner or bedlington terrier (bonus - these don't shed but there have been a lot of health problems in the breed). Or maybe a silver poodle?
    but as "butch and scary" goes - weims are great.

    Or she could get a stumpy tail cattle dog (with or without tail). Also not great with other dogs but will listen to you (if you insist), and is great at repelling door to door sales people. Your average SBT - even one that is not properly socialised with humans - will lick them to death before forgetting what it was doing...

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    I have never seen a blue staffy that I know of, so I dont know what all the fuss is over getting a blue staffy although people are alsways talking about wanting one. People are just plain crazy and ignorant sometimes when it comes to dogs, they dont seem to care where they come from, or the conditions they were bred in , or what potential health problems they may have as long as they get the trendy breed and colour they are after.

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    If you do a search for "L A Exot ic a" (as two words) you will find an ANKC registered puppy farm. You will see the cages and "kennels" and all the different breeds of dogs they have including blue SBT.

    Personally I find it shocking that people like this can be registered with ANKC but they are.

    What concerns me about that is the quality of life for the bitches especially and their puppies and I can't see how they could possibly get enough people time and they're not being selected for being good with other people or critters.

    And it's not the only one.

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