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Thread: I want to know my dogs breed!

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    Default I want to know my dogs breed!

    Me and my family have had our dog for a long time and would like to finally know what breed he is! If you could help me find out would be awesome. He is a white dog with little black spots and pink skin on his nose and around his eyes when it's hot, he has big pointy ears and long tail. He has short and very smooth fur, he's a medium size dog and muscly. I could post a picture but I don't know how...

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    LOL – We really need a photo to help us ! Your pup could be absolutely any breed or breed mix which is only dependant on someone’s imagination !

    You said that the ears were upright - but what does the head look like ?

    Did find this link on how to work out what breed your pup is:

    What breed(s) is/are your mutt?

    Here is a list of dog breeds + photos + information about the different breeds that may help you:

    Complete List of Dog Breeds with Photos - 160 Dog Breeds Listed A to Z

    It is then just a case of looking at all the photos and see which is the closest to your pup.

    My guess is some terrier type – like bully cross.

    It is quite easy to post a photo in your post. If a TOT like me can do it – anyone can !

    Press – Go advanced.

    How to post a photo.jpg

    In the toolbar you will press this icon and find your photo to be uploaded from your computer – and then just follow the directions.

    How to post a photo 2.png

    Good Luck !

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    Hi Mr Boon

    He sounds a lot like my dog - she's a cattle dog cross. Look up Stumpy tails.

    Other dogs that have white fur and little black spots - google "ticking dog coat" - some german short haired pointers, border collies, Jack Russells, even Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Bull terriers can have a bit of this. Pink skin with small black spots - that are really noticeable when the dog is wet.

    Dalmatians also have this - but theirs are bigger and ideally separate spots. And any dog that is a cross of one with the spots.

    So your dog could be a bitsa any of these... there's probably more I haven't remember. There are even spotty poodles around - tho they don't meet the breed standard here so not common. Usually a result of a Dalmatian sneaking in where it should not have been.

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