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Thread: Dog minding SWAP

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    Default Dog minding SWAP

    Hi there
    I have a 2 and a half year old GSP. A beautiful gentle dog who has been well socialised with other dogs. I am looking for somebody who will care for my dog in their home while we go away on holidays, in exchange for caring for someone else's dog in my home.
    My dog is an inside dog who loves to go to the dog park. I live in the Bayside area of Brisbane.

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    You may like to consider and get you house looked after.May be one solution.

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    Thanks farrview,
    I have thought about house siiters but I'm a bit apprehensive about strangers in my home!

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    Hi 'chris&bruce' and welcome to the forum !

    Here are some suggestions for you.

    There is a FB group – called ‘German Shorthaired Pointers – Australia’ that has members in your area. It is a closed group – so you have to request membership – but a couple of photos of your pup on your FB page will grant you entry !

    Here is the link:

    Also – do a search on pet minding. Here is a link to one I found:

    Dog Kennels & Pet Sitting Brisbane | FindADogMinder

    Also – there are people who do a swap – they look after your pup and then you look after theirs:

    Good Luck !

    P.S. I am a GSP tragic – so would love to see some photos of your pup – Please !

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    Thank you so much RileyJ,
    You really are a wealth of information!
    I will let you know how I go and post some photos of my beautiful Boy!

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    Good stuff ! Now you are on a promise !

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    Oh my, oh my - what a cutie ! Gorgeous !

    Thank you very much.
    I have some photos of my previous pups in a photo file - but they were solid liver - sorry brown ! I also have a thread with a title - The reason why Riley nearly left home - with a couple of photos of my new girl.

    Did you get him from a local breeder to you ? Yes or no - Don't name the breeder on here - PM if you want. I could probably work it out anyway.

    Lovely to have another GSP owner on here !

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    Have banned one of Chris's user ids since we're only meant to have one per human not one per device - otherwise it gets very confusing.

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    NO, I got him from a breeder in NSW mid coast.

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