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Thread: Dog minding SWAP

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    Rileyj, do you have a GSP?? Post a a photo. They are beautiful dogs!

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    'chris&bruce' - Yes - I have 2 GSPs at home now. An 8 year old boy that I rescued when he was a PITA 2 year old - and a nearly 12 month old girl. The girl is the bane of my life ATM - she is on heat and going through the teenager times !

    Woohoo 1.jpg

    Hormone brain and a teenager ! What was I thinking ?

    With this little girl - I am now up to my 6th GSP living at my place.

    I explained to you in a previous post - how you could see photos of my pups.

    Again - I am pleased there is someone else on this forum that has a GSP.

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    What a handsome boy you have!! Do you breed GSP's? I would find it too difficult to say goodbye to them.

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    Nup - don't breed - just rely on the breeders that know what they are doing.

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