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    Hi everyone,
    New to this forum. I have a beautiful, gentle 2 and a half year old GSP. He is still intact and he has never given us any trouble. We live in Brisbane. I was just wondering if there are any get togethers or groups for GSP's in and around Brisbane.

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    I put this link up on your other thread:

    They have meet-ups on average once a month and this below is the information for the next one:

    Saturday, May 16, 2015 at 10:30am at Palm Beach Currumbin Estuary
    1026 Gold Coast Highway, Currumbin, Queensland, Australia 4223

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    There has been a change of venue for the meetup mentioned above:

    Date and time still the same - but - now at Don Paxton Park in Tugun.

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    Thank you RileyJ I might try to get there next week.

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    Ok Chris&Bruce - you can use Chris Dandie and not Chris&Bruce now.

    I recommend a password manager like KeePass Password Safe
    or Lastpass

    or even an excel spreadsheet to keep track of your passwords for websites like this one. Then it's easy to keep straight and even my 73 yo mum can work keepass.

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