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Thread: I need to do some training fast. Child at risk of getting squashed.

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    Default I need to do some training fast. Child at risk of getting squashed.

    My dogs are adjusting to having a crawling baby around (visiting grandchild 2-3 times per week).
    My previous training over years with these dogs, is biting me on the bum here. Basically, i dont allow them to play fight indoors except on special occasions.
    PLay fight starts with me getting down on the floor, then both dogs take it turns to knock each other off me, its hilarious, we love this game. Bernie's been playing this with me for 8 yrs, so old dog, needs some new tricks.

    Fast forward: there is a 1 yr human on the floor! so it must mean........wrestling time! and they try to lay on the baby.
    They only want to play. Everything about their body language is happy. And Pohm is a nanny dog, and is devoted to this baby, so definately wants to lay on babe and take babe to her basket. Baby is obliging often, and going into basket, so for pohm, this means its her baby, and she cleans the baby thoroughly and cuddles it. The baby alarm i am provided with to help me nanny my grandchild, sits unplugged. Babe only has to whimper, and Pohm comes and gets me.
    But whilst she thinks she is gentle, she is bloody heavy. And if you know rotties, you will know they can focus all 50 kg into one paw, and squash you by treading on you. This is my fear with babe.

    Babe is about 1 month away from walking/running. So guys, any suggestions for a 4 week retrain of old dogs? They both know gentle. They both know that the 1 room that has carpet, they are not allowed in. So that's where the baby is having floor time currently. All safe, and being managed. But i would like to try to train them some to be more kid savvy.

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    Does the baby need to be left on the ground while dogs have full access to it? I don't have kids so I don't know how these things work. When others have bought their kids over I simply lock the dogs outside if kids are in and lock the dogs in when kids are out.

    Seems like a no brainer, at least to a childless guy.

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    because I want my dogs to ignore all people and expect a neutral response toward all strangers.

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    me too mutt boy!

    but this grandson is not really a stranger, he is part of the dogs family pack. So some training/managing is required.

    So i tried to work out, what's in it for her? why is she doing this behaviour?
    Its play behaviour. Heavy, play behaviour. Hence concern for squashing.

    Option ive selected: manage it until the child is old enough to manage it with support/training in how.
    Ive been using gentle, and drop (lay down) command successfully.
    But each time, the game escalates and i have to step in.
    Funny how our mature dogs can throw some weird behaviours at us at times. Just when you think you know them.

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