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    Default Muffy&Chloe

    Just saw the reunionYou know,
    Muffy found after nine years...
    I hope Muffy cheers up a bit and isn't too emotinally scarred. Didn't look that happy-poor pup.

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    I am in 2 minds about this.

    As an owner who has lost a dog I think oh god yes!! How awsome!

    And then as just a dog lover I think what of the poor dog? What about the poor people who have probably been its main carers for the majority of its life? The poor pooch would be missing his family and feeling very disunited .
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    Yep! Feel the same
    Sorry you lost your pooch Choppa

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    Yeah...I was thinking that too...
    It's all a bit bazaar

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    Very cute.

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