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Thread: Can anybody tell me what breed this dog is?

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    Default Can anybody tell me what breed this dog is?

    It is so cute! I want him! Is is a cross breed or purebread? If so what type?



    Thankyou so much!
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    Hi Bejode1!

    Your photo didn't seem to show up properly on the forum, so I've edited it for you and fixed that

    Sorry to say, I have no idea what type of dog that is... I'd say some kind of cross breed... but I really don't know. If you have a photo of the pup as an adult that would make things easier. Its much harder to tell the breed of puppies compared to adult dogs!

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    Sorry...can't help either but I do like the white easy to clip unlike the black ones.
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    I've got no idea what that one is either.

    If you don't know - he's probably not a pedigree anything.

    It does look like a lot of Staffordshire bull terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier puppies.

    If you live in Victoria - I'm not sure where they're at with their Breed Specific Legislation since their election - but if you get a puppy like this and live in Vic, you might need to have ANKC pedigree papers to keep it safe from council confiscation.

    Tis insanely cute but looks like too young to leave the litter just yet - needs another couple of weeks - at a guess. And I'd be worried about that white nose getting sunburnt and skin cancers. So not a puppy I would choose. But then I'm totally biased towards cattle dogs and similar.

    This one looks similar - mastiff are huge, so this dog will get very big.
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    here's another staffy mix
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    Hi Bejode1

    A friend of ours has a very similar dog and he is a staffy cross kelpie. Judging by the colour it could even been be a staffy, bull terrier cross. He is a very handsome little man

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