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Thread: mutts and bitzas vs pedigree dogs, responsible breeding

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    But it doesn't need to be this way... I believe if the K.Cs changed their rule against breeding
    outside of K.C protocols, the culture would also change, eventualy, to one where purpose would be better promoted at a community level. It would not deny any ones interest in dogs, whatever the purpose.

    So people who want to show, breed for show, those who want to work, breed for work and those who want to sport or trial breed for sport or trial.....And the community becomes better educated because the 1st question asked of a prospective buyer is : for what purpose?

    People have to think not just "what predictable breed do I want". What do you want it for is the 1st question you'd need to ask. Then look at breeds that suit, then breeders active in those circles. As it stands, we are being trained to ask breed. Pedigree comes 1st, usualy chosen by looks. Because thats the message being sent.

    The welfare repercussions are huge. And a big part of the reason designers dogs are so popular. The "look" is promoted, not a purpose.

    It all comes down in the end to the physics of biology. People can make changes, and try to over come what problems they see, but biological law say that while that rule is in place, Domestic dogs belong in the K.C registries and not out side them. The K.C registry is not set up to meet environmental needs, but K.C cultural needs. It will continue to become marginalised along with dogs in society. Not a quick proccess, but an inevitable one untill the CAUSE of the problems is recognised.

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    At least our water trials are open to all dogs, even non-pedegree are allwed in but our Vic newfie club recognises the awards..I think a good step forward
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