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Thread: Can dogs sense when another in the house has passed away?

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    When my grandfather was dying of cancer, his dog (jack russel X) whimpered to be let onto the bed. We let her on and she nuzzled into him. He became more relaxed and it seemed to relieve a little. After a few hours we put her down to take her to let her outside for a wee break and she got under his bed and wouldn't leave him until his breathing stopped. I think they know, human or animal, instinctively if something will or has happened. She was a bit depressed after he passed but my Aunty took her in to her house and she made friends with a cat and was like a different dog.

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    When at the vets I was told my beautiful GSD Tara had cancer and had to put her to sleep...I went home and got my GSD Rex as they had been together for 8 years so he could be there with her when it was done.

    They were best of friends for so long and I wanted him to know what has happened and why she wasn't coming home and I'm sure he knew. Rex wasn't himself for months after and I don't blame him and I still miss yes they do know.
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